Top 5 Wide Width Shoes For Women You Can Buy On Amazon

Top 5 Wide Width Shoes For Women You Can Buy On Amazon

Still searching for the most comfortable wide width shoes for women? Search no more because these are top 5 running shoes that offer support for wide feet.

Stop wearing narrow shoes that damage your feet, cause blisters and make you hate running. Not only that, but improper footwear can put too much pressure on your ligaments and bones, and thus forming bunions.

Untreated blisters can also lead to infections. So wearing narrow running shoes is not recommended if you have wide feet.

Instead, opt for one of these 5 wide width shoes for women and bring running back into your daily schedule.

Don’t worry, these running shoes aren’t just for runners; they keep your feet comfortable during your everyday tasks and fitness activities.

The Most Comfortable Wide Width Shoes For Women

Here are our top five choices of the most comfortable wide width shoes for women.

5. Asics Gel Nimbus 18

These are one of the most comfortable wide width shoes for women because it can be found in sizes up to D (wide). They also provide great heel support and gel cushioning comfort.


  • Great heel support and stability;
  • Feet can easily breath through material;
  • Soft midsole that attenuates shocks easily;
  • The rubber sole has a great grip on almost any surface.


  • Are pretty heavy;
  • Low flexibility;
  • It has a narrow toe box.

Price: starting at $84.95 on Amazon.

4. Altra Olympus Trail

These running shoes are known as the “duck shoes” because have a really wide toe box. And that’s a plus for all women with wide feet.


  • Heel and toes are at the same level;
  • Really wide toe box;
  • Material dries super fast;
  • The rubber sole provides good traction on all surfaces;
  • Great cushioning system that significantly reduces foot shocks;
  • Are very light.


  • They look bulky;
  • There are only 3 sizes and customers say sizing runs small.

Price: starting at 77.99 on Amazon.

3. Brooks Ghost 10

People with bunions find these neutral shoes very comfortable. They’re well cushioned and flexible, so running with these shoes is a pure pleasure.


  • Are very light;
  • Has a very good traction on all kind of surfaces;
  • The synthetic material doesn’t get wet easily;
  • Cushioning is very well done;
  • Are extra flexible;
  • Your feet can easily breath through the mesh material;
  • It can be found in a wide range of colours.


  • The mesh material is not so durable.
  • It’s pricey.

Price: starting at 107.49 on Amazon.

2. Nike Air Zoom Structure 19

If you didn’t know that Nike make wide width shoes for women, then you’re not alone. I didn’t know it either until I found the Air Zoom Structure 19. These Nike running shoes are extra wide and offer a lot of stability and comfort.

If you’re a Nike fan, but your feet are wide, then this is the most comfortable choice.


  • Provides arch support;
  • The material is breathable;
  • Are very lightweight and it feels like socks in your feet;
  • The dual density foam provide a lot of comfort and a great cushion;
  • It has the most wide range of colours (about 13).


  • Some might find that the toe box isn’t deep enough;
  • Are a little bit pricey.

Price: starting at 92.51 on Amazon.

1. New Balance 1500 V3

These wide width shoes for women are top of the range. That’s because the price is acceptable (even though some might find it a bit pricey) and the materials are top quality.


  • Fit perfectly on your feet;
  • REVlite midsole provides comfort to the underfoot;
  • Are incredibly lightweight, super comfortable and flexible;
  • Provides arch support.


  • Few color options;
  • A bit pricey.

Price: about 99.95 on Amazon.

Hopefully this list has helped you to consider the best option when searching for wide width shoes for women. Personally, I would go for the New Balance sneakers, but that’s my option. Make sure you chose yours wisely.

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