The Best Weight Loss Diets That Actually Work

The Best Weight Loss Diets That Actually Work

With so many diets online it’s really hard to find an effective one. So this list will minimize your searches for the best weight loss diets.

With the New Year just around the corner, it is time to get started on planning our fitness regimes and making resolutions about our overall health.

Going on a weight loss diet is one of the more common resolutions that people tend to pick when they are trying to incorporate a new fitness regime. And these can range from effective to downright impossible.

A good diet is one that is balanced and which has all the right amount of nutrition that your body needs.

Not every diet that you find online is able to help you lose weight and reach your fitness goals. And sometimes, picking a good diet is just as essential as going on one.

So let me help by presenting you five of the best weight loss diets that provide effective, quick results.

Five Effective Weight Loss Diets

If you are on the lookout for a good diet with realistic results, here are five weight loss diets that you can go in for:

1. Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet has emerged as one of the more prominent diets in 2018 because of the sheer amount of celebrities and fitness experts promoting this diet.

This is one diet that is based on the traditional foods that were eaten by people in the Mediterranean regions, particularly in the country of Greece.

The diet grew in popularity because of the sheer amount of research that was conducted on the diets of the people living in these countries when compared to the diets of Americans today.

It was showcased that people following the Mediterranean Diet were significantly healthier and had a lowered risk of things like diabetes, strokes, and heart problems.

There are four main components of the Mediterranean Diet, and these are as follows:

  1. Eating healthy fruits, vegetables, and nuts.
  2. Consuming meats and poultry in moderation.
  3. Avoiding any kind of red meat.
  4. Staying away from sugar and processed foods.

When it comes to the Mediterranean Diet, there is an incredible amount of emphasis on moderation while eating, and also eliminates any kind of processed food from one’s diet completely.

2. DASH Diet

With the prominence of problems relating to blood sugar and high-pressure levels in America, the DASH Diet came forward as a solution that could help millions all over the country.

DASH stands for Dietary Approaches To Stop Hypertension and is a diet that has been designed to reduce the negative effects that these can have on the body.

The diet is similar in terms of the foods that one eats to the previous diet that we mentioned but does have a few characteristic differences that set it apart from other options.

The diet entails the following kinds of foods:

  1. Eating more grains and legumes.
  2. Adding a healthy balance of fruits and vegetables.
  3. Eating meats in moderation.

This diet also does have alternatives for those who are vegan and want to stick to that while still being on a diet.

Because of how effective this particular kind of diet has turned out to be, it is one that is being recommended by doctors to patients who are combating problems of hypertension and blood sugar.

3. Keto Diet

The keto diet has been one of the most prominent diets that people have been trying out over the past year.

It is a diet that continues to grow in popularity as a result of the efficient results that one receives when they are on this kind of diet.

The keto diet is one that tries to eliminate the presence of carbohydrates in one’s diet and focuses more on proteins and minerals which can help the body lose weight.

Generally, when a person eats a certain amount of carbs, their body tends to store this in the form of fats to be used at a later date. This fat accumulation only increases with time, leading to unwanted weight.

When one goes on the keto diet, the body is unable to receive the carbs that it needs to store, and thus uses the fat already in the body to fuel its processes.

When on the keto diet, the following are what needs to be paid attention to:

  1. Exclusion of carbs.
  2. Eating abundant veggies and fruits on keto.
  3. Increased meats and poultry.

Because of the manner in which this diet functions, it is regarded as one of the best when trying to lose weight in a quick and efficient manner.

4. MIND Diet

The MIND Diet might not be one of the most popular diet options but is definitely common enough to put on this list.

This is one diet that is meant to stimulate the mind and delay the appearance of age-related disorders that mainly affect the brain.

It is meant to prevent dementia and other memory-related disorders that one might experience with time.

Overall, this is one diet that has proven to be incredibly effective for those who don’t just want a fit body, but a fit mind as well.

When on this kind of diet, these are the foods that should be paid attention to:

  1. Eat abundant green leafy vegetables.
  2. Include fruits and berries in your daily diet.
  3. Intake a good amount of fish and fish oil.

When analyzed, the MIND diet can be seen as something that is fairly similar to the Mediterranean Diet and the DASH Diet since it takes elements from both.

5. Flexitarian Diet

People all over the world are switching to vegetarianism and veganism because of the wide range of benefits that it provides.

However, switching out meats for a plant-based diet is not the easiest, and sometimes, this can have a significant impact on the body.

For those who do want to make the switch, weaning off meats seems to be the best approach to take when it comes to this.

The Flexitarian Diet is one that tries to help individuals make the switch by limiting the number of meats in their diet and substituting them with a more plant-based diet.

This kind of diet entails:

  1. Including more fruits and vegetables in one’s meals.
  2. Excluding meats or keeping them to a bare minimum.

Now, these weight loss diets aren’t ways to miraculously shed off a few pounds and get back to your unhealthy eating habits. They are a way of life, a lifestyle, a journey you embark on for more than just a couple of weeks or months.

If done right, these weight loss diets should change your life and make you realize that getting back to your old eating habits is not the right choice for your mind’s and body’s health.

So pick the weight loss diet that fits your needs from the list above, and make the new year your best one yet.

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