The Best Sports For Overall Fitness And Wellness

The Best Sports For Overall Fitness And Wellness

We all know that one of the best sports for overall fitness and wellness is swimming. But there are more engaging sports to add to this list.

Sometimes keeping fit can be a chore. The same workouts day after day can get a little boring and you need to find some fun ways to exercise.

A great way to make working out more fun is to pick up a sport. It can be a team sport such as football or volleyball, or an individual sport such as tennis or boxing.

Whatever you choose as your preferred sport to get fit, make sure you really enjoy it. This way you’ll stick to it and it will become part of your lifestyle.

Top 5 Sports For Overall Fitness

Here are some of our top picks for the best sports to help you stay fit:

1. Volleyball

The Best Sports For Overall Fitness - Volleyball

Volleyball is one of the healthiest sports because it increases your metabolic rate, builds agility, boosts your mood, and improves your coordination – it also burns a tonne of calories.

You do not have to live by the beach to play volleyball, you just have a look for an indoor team to join or even set up your own.

In terms of equipment, it is a low-cost hobby to take up. You have the option of buying volleyball shoes and kneepads to help improve your performance and safety but you do not need any specialized equipment or bats.

2. Boxing

Best Cardio For Weight Loss - Boxing

Boxing is great fun and perfect for burning calories. It also helps to increase strength, improve posture and balance, as well as boost your endurance and hand-eye coordination.

This sport is great for stress relief because you can really get into throwing those punches.

You can take one-on-one classes, group classes, or practice on your own. Depending on how you take part you might need to purchase your own gloves or bag, but many classes offer their own equipment to use.

3. Yoga

Nina Dobrev's Favourite Yoga Workout

Yoga has become more and more popular in recent years and is much more accessible than it used to be – it is not just for people searching or “inner-peace”.

Do not be fooled into thinking that yoga is just breathing and sitting cross-legged. It is an intensive workout that can improve respiration, energy levels, and improve your flexibility.

Yoga classes are available at every fitness center, but this is a workout you can do at home too. All you need is a clear space and a yoga mat. You can follow a YouTube yoga session for free in the comfort of your own home.

4. Tennis

The Best Sports For Overall Fitness - Tennis

Tennis works for all the major muscle groups as well as is a great cardio workout. It can help improve your reflexes and endurance, requiring you to combine both speed and power.

Another great thing about tennis is that it is really easy to find a club or court where you can practice.

You can join a club to play competitively or just take your own racket to the court to let off some steam – a perfect alternative to trudging along on the treadmill.

5. Swimming

Swimming benefits

Swimming is one of the best ways to stay fit because it works all your muscles without putting your body under too much strain.

It is a great workout, and you will definitely feel it the next day, but you are not putting as much stress on joints as you would do with other intense activities like running or cycling.

Swimming regularly can also help you lose weight and build up your strength.


The list of the best sports for overall fitness and wellness should not consist of these five sports only. There are countless sports that engage your entire body, help you get in shape, and maintain your figure.

Just pick your favorite sport and give it a try. If it’s not as satisfactory as you expected, pick another sport. There are literally thousands of team and individual sports to choose from.

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