The Best Fitness Gadgets To Sky Rocket Your Progress

The Best Fitness Gadgets To Sky Rocket Your Progress

We enjoy any kind of gadgets, from smart devices for the kitchen to those for camping or hiking. Nowadays there are wearable gadgets even for our pets, not just for us – so the entire family is covered.

Tracking your daily exercises and vitals with your smartphone and some health apps isn’t something new. But there are wearable devices that can be used along with your smartphones to help improve your health and your lifestyle too.

Here is a list of the best fitness gadgets designed to assist you in achieving your diet and workout goals.

The Best Fitness Gadgets

These gadgets can help you maximize your workouts, eat properly and monitor your health progress while having fun at the same time. Besides this, they’re all designed for health and fitness enthusiasts, who strive for progress each day.

Let’s take a look on this list with the best fitness gadgets:

1. Koogeek Smart Training Gear

The Koogeek Smart Training Gear is one of the best fitness gadgets to maximize your abs building process. It uses EMS technology to engage and contract your abdominal muscles.

After 1-2 months of using this ab trainer (about 20 minutes per day, 5 days per week) your abdominal muscle will become tighter and stronger. This is a really nice tool to sculpt your summer six-pack.

But you’re not gonna get any significant results if you’re using this device as a stand-alone ab trainer. This is not a substitute for your daily workout, you still need to stick to a workout routine.

Here is the official page of the product, but if you want to buy it, you need to get it from Amazon.

2. HAPIfork

This is one of the best fitness gadgets for those who have trouble managing their portion sizes. If your sheer willpower can’t help you reduce your eating pace, HAPIfork will do it.

This gadget notifies you through small vibrations every time you’re eating too fast. It can also track how many “fork servings” you’re eating per minute.

Here you can read more about the product online, but if you want to buy it, you should definitely consider Amazon for a better price ($35 off).

3. Umoro One

This bottle is the best present you could give to a gym enthusiast: it’s cheap, practical and easy to carry and maintain.

The Umoro One is a pretty much normal gym bottle, but with a hidden compartment for your favorite whey protein. You can combine the protein powder with the water with a single push of a button.

It mixes the perfect protein shake for you to drink during and after a tough workout. And it also doesn’t require any extra bottle to carry around your whey protein.

You can read more and buy Umoro One from its official website here, but you can also buy it from Amazon at the same price.

4. Finis Duo

Into swimming? Then music is the motivation you need to swim that extra lap. You can now listen to your favorite playlist underwater, not only when running or cycling.

Thanks to its Bone Conduction audio technology, the Finis Duo mp3 player sends the music really clear to your ears, without using any earbuds.

Go ahead and read more about this product on, and if you’re ready to buy it, get it from Amazon with a $26 discount.

5. Sportiiiis

You no longer need to get your hands off of the handlebars to check your stats when riding your bike. You can attach the Sportiiiis HUD (Head-Up Display) to about any sport sunglasses, and track your heart rate, speed, cadence, and pace.

If you need more details on the Sportiiiis gadget, check it out here where you can buy it at discount (-$50).

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