How To Balance Your Body PH To Heal Yourself

How To Balance Your Body PH To Heal Yourself

Upon realizing that your body PH is not at its usual point, the next move is to ensure that seek the right remedy.

In most cases, body PH may rise after taking substances that are too acidic. You must do the necessary to ensure that you have a balanced body PH, since that is the only way you can avoid possible aggravation.

6 Ways To Balance Your Body PH

Here are some of the useful ways in which you can balance your body PH:

1. Lemon Water

It is recommended that you take a full glass of water blended with lemon juice.

The mixture plays two prime roles in your body. Water does well in keeping your body hydrated, hence lowering acidity level. Lemon juice, on the other hand, works well in boosting metabolism in the body.

This effect is also a positive process towards balancing PH in the body. Most people have the perception that lemon is acidic, but it instigates the opposite impact on the body.

2. Purified Water

Taking one or two glasses of purified water now and then is considered as one of the healthiest ways of keeping your body PH regulated.

Note that this is the kind of water that has been distilled and filtered to total neutrality. Spring water is highly recommended.

Water (especially borehole water) can be acidic due to a high composition of minerals, hence making it unhealthy for consumption. It is for this reason that you are advised to take alkaline water.

3. Daily Exercise

Did you know that simple aerobics can go a long way in restoring normal body PH? The muscles are known to accumulate a lot of acids, particularly when dormant for a long time.

Engaging in simple exercises creates an activity on the muscles hence eventually neutralizing PH. It could be a jog around the estate, a dance at the club, or anything else that keeps your muscles active.

4. Almonds

Medics are specific on consumption of almonds especially if the intention is to alkalize the body.

Take raw, unseasoned almonds often. Such almonds are rich in essential nutrients such as calcium and magnesium.

The best thing about almonds is that they work ideally on both alkalizing the body as well as reducing blood sugar.

5. Breathe Plenty Of Fresh Air

You could be living in a polluted environment hence increasing your chances of breathing in chemical-laden air. You could also be working in a place surrounded by unfavourable fumes.

Such circumstances have the capacity of increasing acidity in your body. Look for a position with pure air and breathe deeply.

Such activity will work ideally in reducing the level of acid in your muscles and the bloodstream.

6. Take Plenty Of Vegetables

Vegetables can regulate body PH with the help of minerals they bear. Aim at taking kale, spinach, and cabbage often.

You can also include sweet potatoes in your diet. It is worth noting that Irish potatoes do not count as veggies hence the need to keep them off your menu especially if you intend to regulate your body PH.

Evidently, it is the foods that you consume that dictate the level of your body PH. It is simple.

Take a lot of alkaline substances, and your body will be adequately regulated as far as PH is concerned. Consumption of acidic elements, on the other hand, will only elevate your body PH.

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