How To Arrange Your Food In The Refrigerator

How To Arrange Your Food In The Refrigerator

Even the way you arrange your food in the refrigerator can turn into a real art. Everyone wants maximum efficiency in storage and handling of food they consume.

How many times did it happen to you to throw altered vegetables without even tasting them before? And this just because you forgot all about them. That is why it is time to say stop waste and organize the refrigerator in a functional and affordable way.

How To Arrange Your Food In The Refrigerator

Chaos in the refrigerator reflects your way of life and monthly budget holes. The following tips on how to arrange your food in the refrigerator will help save you time, money and nerves.

1. Sort foods of the same category

A way to effectively arrange your food in the refrigerator is to group foods of the same category. In this way it is easier to know every food where to find it. Put together the apple juice, yogurt, pudding and bottles separately from meat, for example.

2. Place the spices on the refrigerator door

It’s very annoying when you extract a larger container on a shelf of the refrigerator and the smaller packages of spices are falling all over the floor. To avoid accidents, small bottles must be moved out of your way and find them another place. When placing spices on the refrigerator door, you have full access to them. There’s no risk to spillthem on the floor when you want to take a food from the refrigerator.

3. Put large items at the back of the refrigerator

The most important step is to avoid certain foods to be forgotten for weeks in the corners of the refrigerator. You lose your appetite when you want to take a bottle of milk on a shelf, and note the musty Bolognese spaghetti sauce in bottom of a compartment. Arrange your food in the refrigerator by putting foods and large containers in the back, so you can more easily see the small. Also put in front, on the shelves, the foods with an expiry date that is closest to the current date.

4. Use transparent storage containers

If you keep foods in opaque containers, you have every chance to let some of them to deteriorate. The transparent container gives you total visibility so much better control over objects in the refrigerator.

Arrange your food in the refrigerator by sorting food regularly. At least once a week, it is important to sort food in the refrigerator, before you go shopping again. Altered fruits and vegetables or other expired products do not have a place on the shelves from now on!

Arrange Your Food In The Refrigerator


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