6 Not So Obvious Ways To Completely Ruin Your Diet

6 Not So Obvious Ways To Completely Ruin Your Diet

The thing with getting fit and looking good is, your diet is the most important thing. You can work out as much as you want, but if you’re not eating right, you’re really not going to be getting the most from your workouts. You can even ruin your diet without even realising it.

How You Can Ruin Your Diet

Here are 6 not so obvious ways to completely ruin your diet:

1⃣ Have A Cheat Weekend

You might think that because you work hard all through the week, you can have a cheat weekend. The truth is, a major cheat weekend could undo all of your hard work, and leave you getting nowhere fast.

You can’t eat whatever you want on the weekend just because you were good through the week. Yes, schedule one or two small cheat meals. But don’t eat until you feel physically sick. Don’t cram in as much as you possibly can!

2⃣ Fail To Track All The Little Things

Some people don’t realise that the little things they are failing to track are making a difference to their diet. For instance, eating fruit is very healthy.

However, if you’re not tracking it, you could be adding lots of calories and carbs onto your daily intake, which can stop you from dropping weight.

Similarly, if you have sugar or milk in drinks, these calories can add up. You don’t need to get obsessive, but make sure you know what you need to be tracking.

3⃣ Drinking To Excess

Drinking one glass of wine a night has been shown to have health benefits. However, if you’re drinking in excess, you could be stopping fat loss altogether. The body will stop burning fat once you drink alcohol, as it works to process the alcohol instead.

If you’re drinking all through the week, even just a small amount, this could stop you from getting the results you want.

4⃣ Eating Too Little

Starvation diets will make your body hold onto fat. Once you eat properly, your body will hold onto all of those nutrients and calories too. This means that you won’t get your dream body by starving yourself!

Eat in a deficit, but make it sensible and doable. The bbg diet has been criticized for being a starvation diet.

5⃣ Stressing

Stress can ruin your diet as much as a huge cheat weekend can. Too much stress changes the hormones in our bodies, and can make us hold onto fat. Do your best to de-stress and you should notice better results.

6⃣ Eating Too Much/Too Little Of One Food Group

If you cut out carbs, you’ll likely have no energy. If you cut out fat, you’ll feel lethargic. If you eat way too much protein, you could develop kidney problems. A balanced diet is essential!

Are you ruining your diet with these not so obvious ways? Make sure you avoid them at all costs, and you’ll get the most out of your diet from now on. Keep going and you’ll get great results!

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