Have You Ever Wonder What 200 Calories Looks Like?

Have You Ever Wonder What 200 Calories Looks Like?

Every time when we talk about weight loss and diet there is one thing we can’t miss introducing into the discussion: calories. Counting calories is the basic method of weight loss, which why it is adopted by almost all diet experts. You’ll say “yeah,we all know how to do it: just read the food labels“. Yes,you’re right! But have you ever wonder what 200 calories looks like in French fries, avocado, broccoli or other foods “without labels” ?

If you don’t know the answer, these pictures will really help!

What 200 Calories Looks Like

This-Is-What-200-Calories-Looks-Like 2

This-Is-What-200-Calories-Looks-Like 3

This-Is-What-200-Calories-Looks-Like 4


Images source: healthyfoodstar.com

Infographic source: Evoke.ie

200 Calories Infographic by Evoke

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