10 Reasons To Strength Train Infographic

10 Reasons To Strength Train Infographic

Why Do You Need To Strength Train?

You need to exercise. Period. Any type of physical activity is good for your body and for your mind, but strength train is the one you should choose to perform. And here are at least 10 reasons why strength training is perfect for everyone:

1. You’ll get a sexy, sculpted and toned body.

2. You’ll get a stronger core and a better posture if you’re doing strength exercises.

3. More than a half of people who strength train get an average of 7 hours or more of sleep per night.

4. Strength train lowers bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

5. You are burning more calories while resting.

6. Strength train increases endorphins and it’s a natural antidepressant.

7. You’ll significantly reduce your body fat percentage.

8. You’ll burn calories faster so you’ll lose weight faster.

9. Daily physical activities like strength training prevent and manage disease like obesity, arthritis, diabetes and depression.

10. You’ll have better body mechanics (better coordination and better balance).

Don’t forget that strength train and any other physical activity improve and maintain your overall wellness. So keep moving, keep exercising for a better and healthier lifestyle. Stay fit!

Strength Train Infographic

10 Reasons To Strength Train Infographic

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