10 “Healthy Foods” That Are Not So Good For You

10 “Healthy Foods” That Are Not So Good For You

10 Not So Healthy Foods

Most of us are trying to eat better. But if you think a healthy diet consists of these 10 “healthy foods”, think again! It’s time you discover the hidden dangers (some small, but some really big) located in foods you consider healthy without doubt.

1. Bottled Orange Juice

A 500ml bottle of orange juice contains about 51g of sugar and this is more than 56% of your recommended daily dose of sugar. With two bottles of this “healthy juice” your body gets more sugar than required, so drink orange juice moderately.

2. Granola

I know, I know! Granola lowers your cholesterol and it’s full of fibers and omega-3 fatty acids. But did you know that a medium bowl of granola has about 600 calories? And this is just without the milk! Yeah, it’s insane, but 100g of granola has 471 calories.

3. Dried Fruits

Maybe you already know that fresh fruits contain up to two times more nutrients and minerals than dried fruits. But did you know that dried fruits have even 6 times more sugar than fresh fruits? Take this as an example:

  • 100g Apricots = 9g sugar;
  • 100g Dried Apricots = 53g sugar.

4. Flavoured Water

If you drink flavoured water when you’re working out, chances are that you’re getting more than required sugar content just from your water. This is because 2.5l of flavoured water contain more than 90g of daily recommended dose of sugar.

5. Restaurant And Ready Meals

When you’re going out for a bite, you’re not thinking about nutrients. You just go to your favourite restaurant and maybe, just maybe, you choose some food that is low in calories. But some of these low calorie “healthy foods” contain even 6-7g of salt. While the recommended daily dose of sodium is 2.3g, you’re getting way too much of it.

6. Diet Drinks

Diet drinks are low in calories, that’s true! But when you drink it, your body thinks is getting some calories, but this doesn’t happen. So your body is craving for more, and is craving for sugar, which is not a great thing. So if you’re drinking diet coke, don’t be surprised to feel the need of a bar of chocolate or some other sweets.

7. Energy Bars

Energy bars are not a snack! Eat them after you’ve lost your desired weight and want to sculpt your body. Eat them when you are dedicated to the gym and spend some good hours working out. One energy bar can contain even 1000 calories and to burn them, you need more than one hour of hard weight lifting or more than 2 hours of cardio exercises.

8. Ready Made Smoothies

A 500ml bottle of ready made smoothie can contain even your recommended daily dose of sugar, which is enormous! 90g of sugar in a bottle?! This is definitely not a great way to lose weight!

9. Anything Fat Free

Fat free is not the same thing as no calories. Actually, a product labeled as fat free can contain more calories than the normal product. How this can be possible? It’s simple: the fat from the product is replaced with sugar and/or salt. I know it tastes so good, but this is not really a healthy food.

10. Peanut Butter

I’ve just leaved peanut butter as the last “healthy food” that is not good for you because I also enjoy it. And it’s very hard to stay away from it. A 340g jar of peanut butter has about 2000 calories, so spread wisely!

Most of the nutritional information is collected from the USDA website. Do you agree, or maybe disagree, with these “healthy foods”? Leave your opinion in the comment section below. Also, if you enjoyed this article please share it with your friends. Stay fit!

Not So Healthy Foods

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