Why In Vitro Fertilization Is Becoming So Popular In Ukraine

Why In Vitro Fertilization Is Becoming So Popular In Ukraine

Ukraine is quickly becoming the go-to destination for fertility treatments abroad. And it’s no secret as to why in vitro fertilization in Ukraine is so popular.

With its gorgeous landscapes, exciting architecture, and heartbreakingly beautiful history, it’s no wonder people go to Ukraine by the millions each year.

But not everyone is there for a simple poke around the countryside. Hundreds of thousands of people that have fallen victim to infertility are now visiting this fine country on an annual scale. Markets even project that this number will continue to rise.

So what is it about IVF in Ukraine that makes it such a provocative option for so many? Read on.

The Laws Of In Vitro Fertilization In Ukraine

Reproductive laws in Ukraine are some of the friendliest and easily navigable in the world.

Ukraine’s surrogacy and fertility programs are heavily regulated, but in such a way that safety and science are the priority.

Ukraine has no age limits on IVF candidates. In fact, in 2011, a 66-year-old woman gave birth to her first child thanks to Ukraine IVF.

There are also no sanctioned limitations on how many IVF attempts may be made.

Egg, sperm, and even embryo donations are allowed.

About the only laws that are considered to be old-fashioned are the ones that require intended parents to be heterosexual and married.

However, those laws apply exclusively to surrogacy clients, and single mothers are still eligible for in vitro fertilization.

The History Of Ukraine IVF

Ukraine has been building a healthy reputation with its incredibly fertility programs since 1991. In that year, Ukraine’s first in vitro fertilization baby was born, and since then, they have been striving to be the best.

Government officials are proud of their nations fertility advancements, and their laws and practices showcase that.

Since that year, people from all over the world have been flocking to this country. Ukraine has seen a massive increase in fertility-related travel.

In the last decade, media has been focusing on the increased demand for surrogacy in Ukraine. However, many clinicians report that in vitro fertilization has seen a similar boost.

With governmental and community support of their fertility treatments, IVF has gained traction and expertise in the field.

The Cost

One of the greatest factors that are continually cited, both by officials and prospective parents alike is the cost of Ukraine IVF.

Fertility services in Ukraine can save consumers up to 85% of what they might expect in other countries.

Not only is the cost of treatments far lower, but in order to stay competitive, many clinics offer inclusive programs and other incentives.

Travel accommodation, support staff, as well as different procedures are among some of the extras that clinics are offering their clients.

Multilingual staff and easily navigable websites have clients abroad looking twice.

One of Ukraine’s most prestigious clinics according to Forbes, Ilaya, offers its clients not only travel accommodations but also cryogenic facilities.

The Availability

Ukraine IVF has answered the call of the masses tenfold.

Availability for clinics is at an all-time high, even with the increase in demand. There is rarely, if ever, a waiting list.

Clinics can be found all over the country, so it’s easier to find one that fits your family best.

Some couples prefer to experience their treatments outside of the bustling capital city of Kyiv. Those parents are sure to not be disappointed with the number of options that are still available to them.

The clinics themselves are modern and extremely well equipped. Cutting-edge equipment and in-house providers guarantee that patients enjoy a successful experience.

Many patients report being very well attended to and cared for.

Even with the massive influx of patronage, doctor-patient ratios are still considerably low. This allows patients a more personal experience.

The Travel For IVF

Despite the fact that Ukraine is not part of the EU, travel to the country is very easy to navigate. The USA and most of western Europe require no specialized visas to visit the country.

Travelers can enjoy low-cost accommodation and a variety of sights and delicacies at a fraction of what other countries would cost.

The laws regarding travel and surrogacy in the country make it easy for intended parents to return home with their bundle of joy. Either in utero or in a bassinet.

In vitro fertilization is definitely not the only reason to visit this breathtaking county, but for many couples, it’s the best reason.

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