5 Steps To Help You Become A Successful Health Coach

5 Steps To Help You Become A Successful Health Coach

A relatively new and uncharted career path, a health coach is a fun and dynamic job great for those who love fitness and helping other people.

Health coaches form a supportive, mentoring role for many people by motivating them to make better choices.

With an estimated $87 billion market in 2017, and only predicted to grow in the future, there has never been a better time to become a health coach!

Tips To Become A Successful Health Coach

Read on for the five simple steps to kickstart your career as a health coach.

1. Ask Yourself The Right Questions

Like any other health professional, there are hundreds of variations of a “health coach”.

You can be an entrepreneur or work for a larger corporation.

Or you can partner with a doctor, or pursue other forms of alternative therapy.

For some, being a health coach is a stepping stone to other dreams, such as writing cookbooks, running retreats, or even opening restaurants.

Still, others incorporate mindfulness and emotional health into their programs.

Ask yourself the right questions:

  • What are your passions?
  • What are your goals?

By clarifying these things early on, you can be more efficient as you pursue your new career.

2. Sign Up For A Reputable Certification Program

There are thousands of wellness coach certifications out there, and not all of them are reputable. Many are just scamming to get your money and leave you with a worthless piece of paper.

Furthermore, each different course will have a slightly different focus, making it doubly important to thoroughly check each course to find the best fit for you.

Look for a program that is at least one year in length to ensure you cover all the needed material.

You can also invest in books and learn outside of your course to optimize your learning curve.

3. Get Some Work Experience

Looking for internships or signing up practice clients is a fantastic way to sort out the kinks of your operation.

Running a business will always be a bit of trial and error, but by gaining some experience your initial mistakes (and there will be plenty!) won’t affect paying clients.

Friends, family members, and teachers are a good place to start when it comes to finding practice clients.

You could even try being a client yourself with someone else to see what they do to take care of their clients.

4. Find A Mentor

Outside of the health aspect, there is also the fact that you will be running a business.

Finding a mentor for both aspects of your business will give you guidance, accountability, and support when you need it.

The saying that wise people learn from other people’s successes and failures is especially true when it comes to business.

Ideally, you could partner with a more experienced health coach and pick their brain as you work together.

With a mentor, you can avoid common pitfalls and learn useful strategies much faster.

5. Marketing

Health coaches don’t just need to advertise a product, but an entire lifestyle.

Marketing is absolutely essential to becoming a successful health coach, so don’t underestimate the power of social media to build your brand and business.

Try starting a YouTube channel with your own personal fitness journey or start an Instagram account showing the positive changes in your client’s lives.

You can sell your services better when you show your passion and authenticity to the world.

If you decide to write a health guide (and you should, since you already have the necessary knowledge) and sell it online, you might need professional consultation to better understand the e-commerce phenomenon. So asking for advice from an Amazon marketing agency would be a clever idea.

Another essential is to invest in setting up a smooth, professional, and personal website. Since people can’t “wander in” to your business, you need to be easy to find and contact.

By setting up plenty of visibility and contact-ability, you are making it more accessible for potential clients to find you, learn more about you and hire you.

Becoming a health coach is one of the most exciting and fulfilling jobs out there on the job market.

Hopefully, this article showed you the steps to becoming a successful health coach, whatever that means to you.

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