How To Store Groceries To Make Them Last Longer

How To Store Groceries To Make Them Last Longer

Groceries are pretty expensive these days, since the average American family spend about $330 each month on groceries. So knowing how to store groceries and how to make them last as long as possible is important for every family.

There are a few tricks to store groceries and help them stay fresh for a couple of days or even weeks after you purchase them. Be sure to take a look over these tips before going to the grocery store so that you know how to store groceries to keep them around a bit longer.

Did you know that your salad could last a week if you wrap it with a dry paper towel, put it into a plastic bag and leave it on the refrigerator drawer? I didn’t, and after a couple of days it turned brown and I threw it away. So if you’re just like me, you should learn a few tips to store groceries.

The Proper Ways To Store Groceries

Here are 5 infographics with everything you need to know to store groceries the right way:

  • where to store groceries (red text on infographics);
  • how to wrap the foods (blue text on infographics);
  • how long it will last (green text on infographics).

1. How To Store Fruits

How To Store Groceries - Fruits

2. How To Store Vegetables

How To Store Groceries - Veggies

3. How To Store Herbs

How To Store Groceries - Herbs

4. How To Store Meat, Fish And Eggs

How To Store Groceries - Meat

5. How To Store Bread And Dairy

How To Store Groceries - Bread and Dairy

Images credits: BuzzFeed

Extra Tips

Also, here are a few extra tips that can help you with food storage into your kitchen:

  1. Spray the guacamole with cooking spray to avoid turning brown.
  2. Place an apple into your potatoes bag to avoid them sprouting.
  3. Freeze fresh herbs after you cut them up, add them to an ice cube tray, and cover with olive oil.
  4. Besides celery, you can also wrap broccoli and lettuce in aluminium foil to keep them crisp for up to a month.

Now you know how to store groceries to keep them fresh for longer. Make sure to share these tips with your friends if you enjoyed them. Stay fit!

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