Hercules Workout By Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Hercules Workout By Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

3. Arms Workout

Alright gentlemen, settle down! The time has come to discuss the arms part of the Hercules workout. We all know that Dwayne Johnson has the arms of a demi-god anyway, so let’s have a look at how he managed to improve something already perfect.

His biceps got special treatment with a tri set of 12 reps, 4 sets, of these 3 exercises: Preacher curl with EZ curl bar, standing barbell curl with EZ bar, and dumbbell curl. Nice and simple, 3 exercises, but this Hercules workout works! Obviously.

His triceps, of course, got a tri set treatment as well, with exercise rope pushdowns, rope overhead extensions, and dips to failure.

Hercules Workout Arms exercise

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