4 Must-Have Hair Cutting Scissors For Hairdressers

4 Must-Have Hair Cutting Scissors For Hairdressers

For a hairdresser, a stylist, or a barber, scissors are the most important tools. Here are four common hair cutting scissors you should own.

A good pair of scissors will enable you to work smoothly, no matter what the trendy hairstyles are in any given season.

And as you probably know, the handle is just as important as the blades if you have to use a pair of scissors for long.

While a reliable blade might cut the hair faster, the right handle will allow you to cut hair in a comfortable position, allowing you to move faster and more efficiently.

In this article, we present four must-have hair cutting scissors that every hair professional should own.

4 Most Common Hair Cutting Scissors

Read on for insights that will help you make an informed decision while purchasing the scissor models that will suit your needs.

1. Level Or Even Handle Scissors

This is the most basic design where the handles are symmetrical and look quite straight. It is the number one type of scissors that every hairdresser usually owns.

A good source is a German brand Jaguar, for it is the longest standing scissor manufacturer in the industry with over 100 years of experience.

2. Hair Thinning Scissors

These kinds of scissors are a must-have for any hairdresser as thinning hair is vital to make certain hairstyles work.

While thinning scissors are not used on every haircut, they are a vital part of every hairdresser’s tool kit. They are commonly used to add texture and shape to bulky, blocky hair ends.

On the other hand, a very useful purpose is to use them on a wider section of the hair – not just the ends – in order to thin out a thick or unruly hairstyle, giving it a more defined shape.

3. Twisted And Flex Handle Scissors

Twister or flex styles are designed to allow your entire hand to freely rotate, which can dramatically reduce hand and arm fatigue.

They are very useful for busy hairdressers who work for prolonged periods of time.

Good models on the market include Bonika International Twister, Matsuzaki MWQ, and the Jaguar Finesse Flex.

4. Japanese Style Convex Blade Scissors

Convex blades are the sharpest type of scissor blades with a razor-like edge. They are hollow ground on the inside of the blade, providing a very smooth cutting action.

They are great for all cutting techniques but are exceptionally practical for slicing because of the ultra-sharp edge.

Japanese style scissors are best suited to more experienced hairdressers and require specialist sharpening.

That said, with the proper care and regular servicing, a pair of convex-bladed scissors will last you a lifetime.

4 Most Common Hair Cutting Scissors

4 Most Common Hair Cutting Scissors

Cutting Edge Styles

A professional kit enforced with a good combination of various quality scissors is a career investment for any serious hairdresser.

Choosing scissors that are right for you is necessary, for they can help reflect the type of hairdresser you are through the precise styles you can accomplish.

While purchasing your new cutting companions, remember to take into consideration factors like:

  • Right and left-handedness;
  • The amount of continuous work you expect to do in a day;
  • As well as your budget and finances.

Hopefully, these tips will help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the best hair cutting scissors to increase your productivity.

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