6 Easy Healthy Tips Every Student Needs To Be Aware Of

6 Easy Healthy Tips Every Student Needs To Be Aware Of

Living a healthy life is conspicuously not among the top five items for a majority of students today. But these 6 easy healthy tips should help you change that and live a healthier and better life. The old self will be thankful!

Students often think about their studies, co-curricular activities they could be involved in, their time with friends, partying, among other things.

While these activities are not bad per say with the exception of partying, most students ignore any and all suggestions of healthy living.

The reason is that they are still young to care or even start thinking about their health. Such talk is quite rampant among them and many fail to realize or even pay attention to the current health trends.

According to a new study, students are currently switching and adopting activities such as visiting the gym which can indeed help one to stay healthy.

However, a whopping 37% of students globally spend their pastime partying. This number is quite high and scary because it is an accurate representation of a group which offers little to no care about their health.

Easy Healthy Tips For Students

Easy Healthy Tips For Students

Easy Healthy Tips For Students

In this article, however, the aim is to present six easy healthy tips which you should be aware of and also put into practice.

1. Do Not Skip Breakfasts

According to Huffington Post, is estimated that 31 million of Americans skip their morning meal. Many of these people often say they skip it because they wake up without feeling hungry.

However, unknowingly to them, skipping breakfast often leads to various issues in your body. Some of these issues include:

  • Low blood sugar level;
  • Slow metabolism;
  • Too many stress hormones;
  • Increase in the chances of getting a heart disease.

It is essential to point out that a balanced meal is always preferred and recommended. Therefore, avoid the temptation of skipping your breakfast.

2. Avoid Caffeine, Eating And Drinking Right Before Bed

While drinking caffeinated beverages can seem beneficial while studying, in the long run these drinks can be harmful to your health.

Additionally, eating and drinking right before bed has been a controversial topic over the years and nutritionists seem to disagree on its effects.

However, a 2013 study revealed that eating right before bed increases one’s chances of being obese. The study also warns that people who eat right before bed also tend to take longer to lose weight.

Therefore, have your last meals early and take some time before getting to bed.

3. Put Limits On Work Hours

Students often leave it late to do their assignments or to even study for tests. However, this habit is a potential health hazard for you.

Pulling an all-nighter can earn you praise from your colleagues. However, it can rob you off sleep whose impacts can seem minimal bad are indeed significant.

Some of the effects of sleep deprivation include fatigue, headaches, reduced brain function, and weight gain or loss.

While in college, spare yourself enough time to rest and limit your working or studying hours. Taking naps during the day can also help you relax; always seek to have quite bedtimes.

As a last resort, you can buy a college essay so as not to harm yourself with intense overworking. This worked for me 😉

4. Walk Or Work Out

Easy Healthy Tips - Walk Daily

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We are always asked to exercise or take time to walk or jog early in the morning. However, the truth is that most of us do not have time for exercise.

Therefore, instead of exercising, try and embrace walking to class and to most destinations especially if they are not far away.

Walking is the easiest way to exercise and since it does not entail much, start by walking to class and soon you will enjoy it.

Conversely, if you can afford the time, visit the physical fitness classes in school and take part in the routines being taught there. You can also take up gym memberships and be a regular member.

5. Keep Backpacks From Being Too Heavy

Few are aware of the effects of carrying a heavy backpack. Some of us complain of neck or back pains without realizing that their backpacks are the main reason for their trouble.

Carrying heavy backpacks can indeed earn you a trip to a physical therapist or even cause you to have significant damages to your body. The remedy for appropriately carrying a backpack well is to reduce your load.

Heavy backpacks are the problem, so you should try using both straps. Also, have the heavy stuff at the bottom, and have the backpack closer to your body. These can help you avoid those neck and back pains.

6. Wear Sunscreen

Easy Healthy Tips - Wear Sunscreen

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People will give different reasons as long as they can skip some of these easy healthy tips here. However, each is relevant including wearing sunscreen.

Human beings are guilty of waiting until the last minute to take action but it is for your benefit if you drop such a trait.

Sunscreen is indeed helpful and while many fail to apply it, it is not only relevant health-wise but can also help you maintain a healthy appearance.

From skin cancer to your face having some weird brown spots, sunscreen is indeed essential and you should always wear it.

All in all, your health is as important now just as it will be when you reach 40 or 50. Therefore, start early, follow these easy healthy tips, and enjoy a good, long, and most of all healthy life.

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