What Are CBG Gummies And How To Choose The Right Ones

Cannabis-based edibles are very popular these days, and the inexperienced buyer might find it difficult to select the right CBG gummies. Here’s a quick guide.

In fact, not all of them are based on the same ingredients, and that makes a big difference in terms of how they work.

Most of the gummies on the market are made with CBD, but we are here to talk about another kind: CBG (Cannabigerol).

These are definitely the most expensive gummies you will find, and that is because CBG isn’t so easy to obtain.

Let’s learn a few more things about Cannabigerol and its associated gummies, shall we?

What Is CBG?

To give you the shortest explanation, CBG is like a Cannabis stem cell. It is basically a young and immature cell that has not yet differentiated itself.

All the other cannabinoids in the Hemp plant start as CBG before being converted through a series of complex bio-processes.

Because it is the root of all cannabinoids, it was a natural choice for medical development. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive cannabinoid at present.

Finding The Best CBG Gummies

Here is a quick and easy guide that should give you some tips about how to find the best CBG gummies around.

There just aren’t that many vendors selling CBG gummies at present, but we hope that will change in the future. For now, MrHempFlower is the leader in CBG gummies on the US market.

This is still a niche product, so the process may not be quick or easy. Here are the steps to choose the best CBG gummies for you:

1. Look For The Right Supplier

Let’s face it: When you buy a package of CBG gummies, you have no real way of knowing what’s inside.

Sure, there will be an ingredients list, but how can you guarantee that everything has been listed? The answer is that you cannot.

Therefore, you need to find a supplier that is trustworthy. When we say that, we aren’t talking about letting them raise your first-born child or anything crazy like that.

You should never trust some company 100%, but many of them can be trusted to do business without outright robbing you.

  • You should look into the history of the company and how long they have been doing business.
  • Look for their name on product recall lists to see if their products have been defective in the past.
  • Ask friends who like CBG about the companies that have given them the best results.

Finding the right supplier of CBG is of the utmost importance.

2. Give The Package A Squeeze

When gummies get old, they tend to get very hard. So, if you pick up that bag of cannabis edibles and it feels hard as a rock, you should probably pass on that one.

Of course, such gummies may not necessarily have gone bad or lost their potency.

If these things are kept in excessively cold or dry conditions, that sort of thing will happen. Don’t forget that gummies are made of gelatin, and gelatin is hardened by cold temperatures.

Still, hard gummies are an indication that the product has sat for too long.

You should look for an expiration date as well, and you should refuse to buy any gummy without one.

3. Always Look For Product Reviews

Having gathered information on the company, you might also want to look for some product reviews. There will probably be a bunch of them on the supplier’s website, but you can’t really trust those.

Even if all those good reviews are legit (which they probably aren’t), it is sure to say that some cherry-picking has occurred. No intelligent business owner is going to post their worst reviews for all the world to see.

Negative false reviews are also a thing, as many companies like to poison each others’ wells.

Because of these factors, you should always look at many sources and judge the product based on the overall picture.

4. Always Look For High Potency

Just as every package of CBG gummies should have an expiration date, so too should it also have a guaranteed analysis.

This should tell you the approximate percentage of CBG and other ingredients that are present. This is very important for proper dosing.

Besides, there is no point in shelling out your hard-earned money for a weak product. Look for something that contains 30-50 mg per gummy.

As far as we can tell, it is very difficult to overdose on CBG, so you have a pretty generous ceiling here.

The important thing is to make sure you are getting the benefits that are most important to you. If not, the dose is probably too low.

Obviously, you should stop immediately if your stomach begins to hurt.


CBG isn’t the easiest product to find, but it is still very possible to get high-quality gummies without much fuss. As a final note, we would advise you to be careful when buying over the internet.

Always verify the identity of whomever you are communicating with, and never give payment details except to your authorized payment service.

In particular, you should be cautious if anyone asks you to log in via an abnormal page. Instead of sending you CBG gummies, some people will just hack your accounts and rob you blind.

Still, most CBG merchants aren’t like that, and so we have faith that you will be able to make a wise and well-informed decision.

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