1000 Calorie HIIT Workout To Torch Body Fat At Home

1000 Calorie HIIT Workout To Torch Body Fat At Home

The 1000 calorie HIIT workout is more like a challenge because I’m sure not everyone can finish it. It lasts an hour and it’s really intense.

This tough workout contains 3 parts of 20 minutes each. The first part and the last one it’s gonna be the same, but the middle part it’s gonna be different.

To complete the 1000 calorie HIIT workout you need to do Part 1, followed by Part 2, and then repeat Part 1.

So you’ve got an hour to burn 1000 calories and that means that you need to push it as hard as you possibly can.

Let’s face it, you can’t take it easy if you want to burn 1000 calories in an hour. But if you feel it’s getting too intense for you, just pause your stopwatch and catch your breath.

1000 Calorie HIIT Workout

For the 1000 calorie HIIT workout, you’ll need a stepper or a chair and a 20-pound kettlebell.

If you’re a beginner and you don’t have any weights, that’s not a problem because the 1000 calorie HIIT workout is intense enough so that you don’t need a weight.

Part 1 and 3

There are 10 different exercises of 40-second work and 20-second high knees, so there’s no rest.

1000 Calorie HIIT Workout Part1

Part 1 and 3

1. Burpees 40-sec + 20-sec high knees;

2. Kettlebell Swings (or another round of Burpees if you don’t have weights) 40-sec + 20-sec high knees;

3. Jumping Jacks 40-sec + 20-sec high knees;

4. Spiderman Push-ups 40-sec + 20-sec high knees;

5. Jump Squats 40-sec + 20-sec high knees;

6. Mountain Climbers 40-sec + 20-sec high knees;

7. Plank to Push-up 40-sec + 20-sec high knees;

8. Alternating Lunges 40-sec + 20-sec high knees;

9. High Box Jump (use your stepper or a chair to jump on it) 40-sec + 20-sec high knees;

10. Plank Jacks 40-sec + 20-sec high knees.

Part 2

There are 10 different exercises of 50-second work and 10-second rest.

1000 Calorie HIIT Workout Part2

Part 2

1. Sumo Dumbbell Squat (or just Sumo Squat if you don’t have weights) 50 sec + 10-sec rest;

2. Plank to Push-up 50-sec + 10-sec rest;

3. Right Leg Glute Bridge 50-sec + 10-sec rest;

4. Lunge and Front Kick (right leg) 50-sec + 10-sec rest;

5. Left Leg Glute Bridge 50-sec + 10-sec rest;

6. Lunge and Front Kick (left leg) 50-sec + 10-sec rest;

7. Weighted Glute Bridge (or just Glute Bridge if you don’t have weights) 50-sec + 10-sec rest;

8. Weighted Lunge Twist (or just Lunge Twist if you don’t have weights) 50-sec + 10-sec rest;

9. Weighted Glute Bridge again (or just Glute Bridge if you don’t have weights) 50-sec + 10-sec rest;

10. Jackknife Sit-ups 50-sec + 10-sec rest.

Do this 1000-calorie HIIT workout two or three times a week to burn all the extra fat and get in your best shape ever! Be consistent with your workouts and follow a healthy diet for fast and safe weight loss results.

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Michael Soulier

No equipment? Umm. A Kettlebell is like, equipment.


I don’t get it. There are 3 parts with 10 exercises that take 1 minute each. That is 30 minutes not an hour.


Maybe they are giving you a 10 min break between each workout – cause let’s be realistic, we will all probably need it. I think they are just saying, you need to at least complete it in an hour.


As described this is only 30 min, not an hour. Is there something missing? Each section is 10 moves for 1 min each, so 10 min.