A Watch With Pedometer Is A Small Investment For Your Health

A Watch With Pedometer Is A Small Investment For Your Health

Watch With Pedometer

What for is good a watch with pedometer? When to use it? Why to use it? All your questions have the right answers here, just inform yourself about the nowadays technology integrated in fitness.

Why not be honest? We all complain that we have to spend hours on the chair in the office, we feel we gain weight and fell inactivity. But when we leave work, refuse to move and use elevator instead of stairs, personal car instead a little walk, etc…

Many of us just do not go to the gym and do not practice any particular sport. And refuses to do and this minimum daily movement thinking probably does not matter anyway some stairs or walking a few feet. Yes, it counts! And the only way you will know is if you wear a watch with pedometer.

A Watch With Pedometer

A Watch With Pedometer Is The Push-Start You Might Need

And the subtitle is not a exaggeration: a watch with pedometer will not only help you see exactly how many kilometers (miles) go through and how many calories you burn, but it will make you move and more every day to see the little numbers on the screen with increasing speed.

And not I am saying it, but a team of researchers at Indiana University, who conducted a study on a group of men and women aged between 40 and 66 years, for 12 weeks. They wore a watch with pedometer that researchers have connected to a computer display using a graphical motion that subjects were doing every day. Moreover, participants were allowed to download data only once a week, but for their willingness was enough.

After the 12-week study, not only these people were more active but lost about 1 ½ kg without any specific sport practice. Let’s not forget, however, that it is people over 40 years, whose metabolism is not the same as 20-30 years, which have a bigger interest in their figure.

How Much Does A Pedometer Cost?

Do not worry, this is not your investment will make a big hole in the budget. If you want a new watch with pedometer, prices start anywhere from $ 60, but you can buy and a simple pedometer on your belt to keep him, and whose price can be arround $ 30.

My friendly advice is to try this little device if you want to lose weight and feel better about yourself. It seems that we are already immune to obsessively repeated warnings like “Make exercise at least 30 minutes a day!”. So try this watch with pedometer, you’ll see the results! It worth!

watch with pedometer

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