2 Easy Arm Exercises To Get Your Toned Arm Muscles

2 Easy Arm Exercises To Get Your Toned Arm Muscles

Two Fast Arm Exercises

There are no magic solutions in fitness, but there are workouts that give quick results. This year’s swimsuit season and sleeveless blouses took us by surprise and that is why we need quick solutions to showcase our strong arms. The proposed solution is fast and does require you only 1-2 minutes a day! Alternate the two arm exercises and results will not delay to appear.

1. “T” Exercises With Dumbbells

For the first of the two arm exercises it is advisable to position yourself on a exercise ball. If you don’t have such a ball, sit in a chair and lift your legs about 2 inches from the ground to force your abs to work.

You need two dumbbells, one 3-4 pounds and one 1-2 pounds weight. Sit on the ball and keep each weight in each hand. Hold your hands outside, forming a “T” letter with your body, then lift up the heavier dumbbell as shown below.

For 30 seconds, lift up the heavier dumbbell to the ceiling, then return it to its original position. Hold it for 30 seconds, then switch dumbbells and lift your other hand doing the same movements.

arm exercises

2. One Leg Chair Squats

All you need for the second of the two arm exercises is a stable chair. Position your feet together and arms on the seat so that much of your body weight is supported by one of the arms. Raise the other arm in front. Bend the arm that supports the body until you get to an angle of 90 degrees, while the opposite leg stretch in front of you. Stay in this position for 30 seconds, then reverse hands and repeat.

arm exercises 1

These two simple arm exercises will help you to improve your arm muscles and will give you a sexy fit appearance when you wear a t-shirt. Remember that not only your abs must be worked, or your buttocks. Your whole body needs attention, so don’t miss a body part when workout if you want to look and feel sexy. Stay fit!

arm exercises 2

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