The Most Powerful Fitness Quotes To Inspire You

The Most Powerful Fitness Quotes To Inspire You

You may have heard these fitness quotes before, but have you ever stopped to think about what they really mean to you? You know, goals like weight loss, or muscle building are not achieved with magic pills, but with the determination that comes from within us. Also, the inspiration around us can really boost our motivation.

The Most Powerful Fitness Quotes

These powerful fitness quotes will motivate, inspire and guide you to achieve a more fit and healthy lifestyle. Most of the successful people in fitness industry live their lives by these “rules”, so why not learning from their source of motivation?

1. Discipline Yourself

Discipline in fitness

No matter what your goal is, to lose weight, to build muscle, to find a job, it can not be reached without discipline. Discipline is that voice in your head that tells you what to do every day to achieve your goal, even if you don’t want to do that in the moment.

You need to sacrifice small things you want in the moment for long-term goals. For example, if you’re trying to lose 10 pounds in two months, you’ll pass on that slice of pizza now, in order to get your desired weight in two months.

Remember this powerful fitness quote every time you are tempted to take the easy way out. It might motivate you to stay disciplined and keep your priorities on track.

2. Be Competitive With Yourself

Be better than you were yesterday

We all have a tendency to compete with each other, but this might seem like a lack of self-confidence. Of course, a little competition with others is motivational; but if it’s too much, it can even tear apart relationships. So be better than you were yesterday and live healthier for yourself, not for anyone else!

3. Turn Motivation Into Habit

Motivation is what gets you going

Motivation don’t last forever, we all have good days and bad days, that’s just how life works. So if you found that motivation to start your weight loss process, you need to come up with a program and repeat that program until it becomes a habit.


Once your weight loss program becomes a daily habit, you will no longer need to rely on motivation to reach your goal.

4. Make It Happen

The best way to get things done

You can’t just sit on your couch and wish for a change. Want to lose weight, to grow bigger muscle? Go sweat for it! The only way you can achieve a goal is to start it, not just to wish it.

5. Celebrate Your Successes

How far you have to go in life

Instead of worrying about your next move towards your goal, look back and be grateful for what you have accomplished. Each success, no matter how small it is, should be celebrated. If you’ve lost 10 pounds and you still have 50 more to go, reflect on how far you’ve come so far. You are now 10 pounds closer to your weight loss goal.

6. See The Glass Half Full

Bad Day

When you have a bad day, it doesn’t mean that the world is against you and your life is over. Maybe you’re not in the mood for a workout today, but you worked out 4 other days this week. That’s still a success! Be grateful for what you have accomplished so far, even on those bad days when you feel defeated.

You should always focus on the glass half full, if you want to be successful in life.

7. Accept The Challenge

Challenge is change

If you lift the same 20 pounds weight every day for months, it is going to become easier as your muscles grow and you get stronger overall. You must always challenge your muscles in order to grow them bigger.

Do you know what keeps you from growing, learning and improving yourself? Laziness and your desire to cut corners and take the easy route. Start challenging yourself in order to change yourself!

8. Believe In Yourself

This is my favourite part of the article: Rocky Balboa’s inspirational speech to his son. You just got to believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams if you want to do something in your life. Just watch the video below, you’ll know what I mean. 😉

When you feel like giving up all your hard work, remember these inspirational fitness quotes to help you to move forward. If there is one or two that speak to you, print them and stick them on your fridge or somewhere you will see them daily.

The secret to a healthy life is knowing how to push past the mental barrier that holds you back from success.

Most Powerful Fitness Quotes


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