Five Common Foods To Avoid For A Flat Belly

Five Common Foods To Avoid For A Flat Belly

Want a flat stomach without the unaesthetic belly fat? Here’s our short list with five foods to avoid at any cost.

A flat stomach is always a challenge. Some foods cause weight gain faster than others because they have a high-calorie and low-nutrient content.

Below is the list of foods to avoid if you want to have a flat stomach without a saggy pooch.

Five “Fatty” Foods To Avoid

Stay away from these foods if you want a flat stomach:

1. Fat Meat

The lamb, beef, and pork are high in saturated fats – the worst of fats you need to avoid. They contribute to higher levels of cholesterol, artery blockage, and heart disease.

Saturated fats are high in calories, so it causes weight gain. Choose lean meats such as chicken and fish or do not eat meat at all.

2. Sugar

Sugar means nothing more than just calories and is not required in the diet. Every time you consume foods and sugary drinks, like candies or sodas, fast calories are stored in the body as fat and not burned immediately.

These drinks and foods to avoid contain added sugar and are not good for your body.

3. White Foods

White foods to avoid like pasta, biscuits, bread, white flour have almost no nutritional value because they are highly processed. Also, many have added sugar and trans fats.

They provide quick satiety but this feeling disappears quickly too. The result is the temptation to eat more is more.

4. Alcohol

It is another drink rich in just calories. To make it worse, many drinks are mixed with sweet (syrup).

Besides being high in empty calories that are stored in the body as fat, alcohol destroys muscle tissue.

5. Potato Chips

This type of foods to avoid is very high in fats. Another problem is that they do not provide satiety. So people are tempted to consume more, making the body a greater number of calories.

The same amount of calories can be replaced with seeds, nuts or fruit – they will provide a feeling of satiety for a long time and are healthier.

Hopefully, you’ll manage to avoid these foods and shred your belly til summer. Remember, you need to exercise regularly, not just to watch what you eat, in order to get slim and fit.

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