Self Esteem Tips To Deal With Your Body Image Issues

Self Esteem Tips To Deal With Your Body Image Issues

Maybe you believe that your body doesn’t have the shape you desire and that there is always a next level of health you could reach. And maybe you need to constantly change yourself and your lifestyle to reach that next level of health towards your ideal of beauty. You get so focused on your physical changes and on the next level of your body appearance and forget to enjoy yourself as the person you are now.

Best Self Esteem Tips

Our body image is a big deal nowadays and that’s why I would like to share with you a few self esteem tips to help you get rid of those negative thoughts about your physical appearance.

1. Look Inward And Be Your Own Inspiration

The average American model is 1.8 meters and weighs 53 kg, meaning she’s 17 cm and 10 kg less than the average woman. What you see on the runways it’s definitely not the real life. So don’t chase airbrushed back-breaking ideals and instead ask yourself what makes you memorable.

Don’t punish yourself for your so-called flaws and recognize the attributes that make you an individual. Strength can be found in differences. What a boring world it would be if we all looked exactly the same.

2. Future Health vs Current Figure

Think about this: you don’t want to sacrifice future health for your current figure, especially if your in middle school or high school. How you treat your body now will greatly affect how you develop for the rest of your life.

Did you know you can actually be ruin your body prematurely with excessive dieting, strenuous weightlifting, or taking steroids and supplements to build muscle? Your body is still growing and the shape you have now is definitely not permanent.

Think of your teen years as the one long transition period. So chill out, let your body take the shape it was meant to. You’ll be far more beautiful and healthy in the long run.

3. Don’t Keep Moving Goalposts Back

It’s easy to try to aspire to people like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian or Cristiano Ronaldo, but if you aim to shape your body just like someone else’s, you’re fighting a losing battle. Genetics are largely responsible for determining a person shape and size. You can’t fight nature.

Step back from these athletes, models, actors you admire from a distance and look at all the cool men and women around you in your immediate life who managed to balance family, career and exercise. Everyone gets a boost from a compliment so remind these individuals just how beautiful they are, inside and out, and that they inspired you.

4. Talk It Out

…with someone who is specialized in health. If you have a real concern about your size, go ahead and speak to your doctor, your coach, your fitness instructor or your physical education teacher. They’re gonna help you set small goals for yourself, they can instruct you on the safest way to bulk up for slimmed-down based on your body type. They have dedicated their lives to studying health and wellness and they’ll be your best and most personalize resource for helping you determine the safest and most effective path for getting the results that you desire.

5. Step Away From The Mirror

… and go do something for others! Assessing your appearance for hours each day can turn you into a self-obsessed monster. Instead, get out of your head and go help others. Get involved into an after-school tutoring program, or gather a group of friends to help out at a local shelter. Volunteering will help you gain experience and it will lift your mood. Plus, you probably will make new friends while helping others, so everybody wins.

You are perfect as you are! Rather than obsessed about sculpting a built body, shift your focus onto what’s fabulous about your shape and size. If these self esteem tips helped you solve your body image issues please share it with your friends and family. Stay fit!

Self Esteem Tips

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