5 Effective Fitness Tips Everyone Should Follow

5 Effective Fitness Tips Everyone Should Follow

Effective Fitness Tips

Even when you’ve been into fitness your whole life, you can still say you have something to learn. I’ve looked up the most effective fitness tips that can help you stay in shape this summer. They might not be the ones that usually come to mind, but trust me- they are some incredibly effective fitness tips!

Let’s have a look at these effective fitness tips on how you can sculpt your body this summer.

1. Cardio? No. Interval Training? Hell Yes!

Despite the “common knowledge” that running for hours on end is going to make you look like a supermodel, recent studies revealed that interval training is a lot more effective when it comes to shedding fat and building muscle at the same time.

Interval running, for instance, means you sprint for 20 seconds, and you slowly jog for 40 seconds, and then repeat this cycle. When you sprint, your muscles work as they do when you lift weights- so you not only improve and strengthen them, but you also help boost your metabolism.

With normal cardio, the metabolism stays high while you perform it. With interval training, it stays high for up to 24 hours after your workout, which means you end up burning fat all day.

2. Use Free Weights Instead Of Machines

We probably all began exercising with machines. And there is really nothing wrong with most of them, but if you want to step up your fitness game and stay fit while exercising correctly, you should switch to free weights. This fitness tip is important because free weights train all your muscles, unlike machines which isolate them. So for instance when you do bicep curls with dumbbells, not only are you activating your biceps (doh!) but also the other muscles in the arm that help stabilize the dumbbell, and even your core and you keep your upper body straight. This essential fitness tip helps you develop your muscles harmoniously, thus reducing the risk of injuries.

3. Increase Your Range Of Motion

We all know that nobody will be impressed with a half pushup, because we know thar the most difficult part is the most important, and for pushups that is lowering yourself until your chest almost touches the floor. The same goes for pretty much any exercise. If you want to benefit from all the advantages that performing that exercise can give you, you must go through the entire motion. Use your full range of motion with your squats (ass to grass, baby!), your deadlifts, even your bench presses.

4. Mix Your Grip

If you are finding it difficult to deadlift, or to do chin-ups, it might be time to switch up your grip. Most often than not we fail at these exercises not because our muscles cannot take it, but because our wrists need a bit of assistance. To fix this common problem use this essential fitness tip: when you perform the exercise, have one hand gripping the bar with the palm turned inwards, and the other hand, with the palm outwards. This will improve your exercises immensely, and it will help you develop your muscles and strength a lot easier.

5. Don’t Delay Your Post-Workout Drink

When you’re done exercising, the post-workout protein shake should be ready and waiting for your in the locker. Don’t wait until you finish your shower, and changing, and leaving. After an intense workout there is a pretty small window when you can drink your protein shake and make sure it gets to your muscles. That window usually lasts for about 30 minutes after you finish weight training, so whether you’re having protein powder and milk, or even a chocolate milkshake, make sure to down it quickly for the maximum effect.

What do you consider to be essential fitness tips? Help us get fit together by sharing your experience in a comment.

Effective Fitness Tips

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7 years ago

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