Lose Weight With The Diet Game [Infographic]

Lose Weight With The Diet Game [Infographic]

Starve yourself for days and you’ll become so hungry you’ll end up binge eating. And every pound you’ve lost you’ll put on again, or maybe even more. So you need to start over with a new diet. Like in the real life, the diet game makes you start over every time you’re not on the right path. You can learn some smart tips from the diet game.

The truth about all these diets we’ve heard is they might help you lose a lot of weight (some of them even really fast), but don’t work in the long run. To win at this diet game, you need to improve your lifestyle, instead of going on a diet. Think about healthy living instead of dieting if you want to feel and look better for life.

Tips From The Diet Game


  • Practice yoga for long term.
  • Eat lots of high water vegetables and fruits without adding salt.
  • Get rid of your bathroom scale.
  • Avoid foods with unhealthy fats, or with lots of salt and/or sugar.
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Focus on lifestyle and progression, not on diet and perfection.
  • Develop new healthy habits and bear in mind that it takes 3 weeks for a new behaviour, like exercising, to turn into habit.


  • Don’t choose a very low calorie diet.
  • You’re not gonna lose weight by consuming 500 calories per day, you’re gonna starve yourself and harm your body.
  • Don’t choose a low carb diet.
  • Don’t choose a detox diet to avoid slowing your metabolism.
  • Going on a calorie counting diet will help you lose weight, but not to eat healthy. Avoid it!
  • Avoid weight loss pills and supplements.
  • If the food is “fat free”, doesn’t mean it’s healthy too.
  • Be patient with your progress.

The Diet Game Infographic

The Diet Game is a nice game with tips and tricks to lose weight and improve your lifestyle. There are also some wrong things you shouldn’t do. Just play this diet game, it’s fun!

Lose Weight With The Diet Game

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