Ahi Tuna Salad | Easy To Do Recipe

Ahi Tuna Salad | Easy To Do Recipe

One of my favorite starters to order at a restaurant, aside from the cheese plate, is the tuna tartare.  To satisfy the craving at home, I make something similar once in awhile. This recipe of ahi tuna salad does call for a couple of unique ingredients you may not necessarily have on hand, but you can pick them up at most grocery stores.

Ahi Tuna Salad


– Ahi tuna;

– Tomato;

– Avocado;

– Scallions;

– Spicy mayo (I get it from the sushi counter at my store- it’s about $1.00 for a small cup);

– Wasabi paste- comes in a tube;

– Black sesame seeds.

I sear the tuna in a skillet over medium high heat for about two minutes per side and them remove and let rest while I dice the tomato and avocado.  Add in a bit of chopped scallion, the spicy mayo and wasabi paste to taste and sprinkle with the black sesame seeds.

Are you into sushi or not so much?  I know people love it or hate it.  I’m definitely in the love category!

Ahi Tuna Salad
Recipe by honeywerehealthy.

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