Is The Ice Diet Really The Best Option To Lose Weight?

Is The Ice Diet Really The Best Option To Lose Weight?

What Is The Ice Diet?

The Ice Diet is a proposed diet in which people say that eating ice causes your body to spend energy to heat the ice. Similarly, some diets suggest the drinking of a lot of ice water to help burn calories. While this is true, let me explain you why the ice diet doesn’t work!

You may heard about the ice diet (or ice cube diet) even in notorious publications like LiveStrong or There are only good things said about it and you may believe this is the perfect diet because it costs you nothing and as said…it burns 3,317 calories per an ounce of ice.

Now you know that you need to burn about 3500 Calories to lose one pound of fat. So this ice diet would be a perfect choice to lose 1-2 pounds per day eating just ice cubes. In a week or max a month you’ll reach your desired weight. Well… this sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

The Ice Diet Doesn’t Work!

The biggest problem of the ice diet is that when talking about weight loss and foods, we’re talking about kilogram calorie (Calories with capital C ) instead of gram calorie (calorie with lowercase c ). This means there are 1,000 calories in one Calorie.

With this information, we find that a single kilogram of ice cubes consumed burns 117 calories. To reach the 3,500 Calories required to burn a pound of fat, it would be necessary to eat about 30 kilograms of ice. This means you’ll need to consume about 66 pounds of ice cubes to lose a single pound of weight.

Therefore, if you did everything else exactly the same, but consumed a pound of ice a day, you would lose a pound of weight every nine weeks. And this is not exactly the most efficient diet plan. In conclusion, the ice diet doesn’t work as you expected to.

There are some other biological issues to consider like the thermal energy involved, which may not actually be a result of biochemical metabolic processes. In other words, it may not really result in calories burned from the metabolic storehouse of energy.

The ice diet

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