Food Couples | Double Benefits For A Healthier You

Get the maximum of  health benefits brought by these perfect food couples.

Food Couples: Green Vegetables And Oil

Oil adding to green vegetables will improve the absorption of vitamin K (fat soluble), required for healthy bones and helps blood to clot quickly when there is an open wound. Enjoy a simple salad of greens with vinaigrette or try a stir-fry of broccoli and spring greens.

Food Couples: Peas And Rice

Most plants lack at least one essential amino acid, which means that it is not an ideal source of proteins. Combination of cereals and legumes provide a comfortable range of amino acids. For example, peas compensate for rice defects.

Food Couples: Eggs And Spinach

Eggs contain vitamin D, which helps to fix calcium in spinach. Sit on a roll a little spinach and fried egg and you get a nutritious breakfast. Eggs go well with asparagus too.

Enjoy your meals and try as much as possible to combine these foods for a beneficial nutrition. These food couples are the best easy way to eat healthy.

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