Fitness FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Fitness FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I don’t know about you, but I love lists. I would make a list of lists I love, but this is not the time nor the place. Instead, I will show you one of my favorite lists of all time. It is a simple fitness FAQ, it is a list that I made for myself some time ago when I started getting a bit more serious about fitness, and which helped me understand the basics. This is, indeed, a fitness FAQ that contains basic notions, so feel free to do more research about this if you want to get more knowledge on a certain topic.

Fitness FAQ  1

Cardio Or Weight Training?

Both. Cardio helps with endurance and burning fat on the spot as you exercise, and weight lifting helps build muscles, improve your bones and increase your metabolism so that you burn more fat throughout the day.

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If I Do Both Endurance (Cardio) And Strength Training, Which Should I Do First?

It doesn’t matter. If you want to have a workout that blends them, start with the one that’s more important to you, because after you are done with the first one you will be quite tired for the second. Training for a marathon? Run first, lift later. Want to build muscles? Squat, deadline, bench press first, then go for a light run at the end.

Fitness FAQ  3

What Are The Repetitions I Should Try?

It depends on your goal.

  • 1-5 reps primarily develop strength, with more impact on muscle size and none on endurance.
  • 6-12 reps develop a balance of strength, muscle size and endurance.
  • 13-20 reps develop endurance, with some increases to muscle size and limited impact on strength.
  • 20+ reps are considered to be focused on aerobic exercise. They do still use the anaerobic system, but usually at a rate through which it can consistently remove the lactic acid generated from it.

Fitness FAQ 4

Will Doing High Reps With Light Weights Get Me Toned?

If by “toned” you mean that sleek look that fitness models have (the kinds in magazines not in bikini competitions), then you just need to build muscle and shed some fat.  In fact, working high repetitions of exercises at low weights will increase muscular endurance more than anything else.

Fitness FAQ 5

Do Women Get Bulky If They Lift Heavy Things?

Not unless they train in a determined, planned way, consistently, under careful supervision. For women putting on muscle is very difficult because they do not have enough testosterone in their bodies. Because of the differences in hormone production, women’s bodies are more predisposed to store more fat, meaning that it is fairly difficult to achieve the same look men are capable of. Women who compete in figure and bodybuilding competitions are professional athletes. They train with specific plans, they eat while very carefully monitoring their macronutrients, they purposely manipulate their diets and lifting routines, and may supplement with hormones to achieve that particular look. So unless you do all these, as a lady you won’t get bulky.

Fitness FAQ  6

How Long Should I Rest Between Sets?

The basic rule is: the heavier the weight, the longer the break. Here’s a guideline:

  • Heavy Weight/Low Reps = Longer Rest (3-5+ minutes);
  • Light Weight/High Reps = Shorter Rest (0.5-3 minutes).

Rest periods however can be determined from one person to another. Just as putting on muscle of losing fat varies from one guy or girl to the next, so does recovery time between sets.

Do you have any specific questions you asked when you first started out? Share them and their answer in the comments below so we can all learn a bit about fitness FAQ’s.

Fitness FAQ

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