Crazy Diets | Don’t Even Try Them

Crazy Diets | Don’t Even Try Them

Crazy Diets

There are countless diets out there, some that work, some that don’t. Ordinarily, seeing what works for you is a good bet – after all, everyone’s body is different and what works for one person might not work for the next. But there are a few crazy diets that we think no one should attempt. Here are five of the crazy diets.

1. The Tapeworm Diet

Yes, that’s right: tapeworms – parasites that most of us try to avoid with good hygiene and proper food safety techniques. The idea behind the tapeworm diet is that if you intentionally ingest the worm, it will take up residence in your intestines and essentially digest food that would have otherwise gone into your body, thereby reducing your caloric intake.

Needless to say, this is not a good idea. While a tapeworm infection can indeed cause weight loss as a side effect, it also comes with symptoms like vitamin and mineral deficiencies, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, and diarrhea, and can be potentially fatal.

2. The Cookie Diet

Imagine getting to eat cookies for every meal. Sound too good to be true? That’s because the cookie diet is, pretty much, too good to be true.

Sure, you’ll lose weight by eating only the specially formulated cookies for every single meal, but if you follow the plan, you’ll also only be consuming 800 calories per day – less than the recommended amount for safe weight loss.

Plus, you can only eat cookies. And that can’t be good for your health.

3. The Cabbage Soup Diet

It’s exactly what it says on the tin: cabbage soup, all day, every day, for a week (or longer, depending on the variation), plus a minimal selection of low calorie fruits, veggies, and protein.

The cabbage soup diet is extremely low calorie, to the point where nutritionists deem it unsafe, and can also cause nutrient deficiencies due to its unbalanced nature. And who wants to eat only cabbage soup, anyway?

4. The Hallelujah Diet

Dubbed “God’s way to ultimate health,” the Hallelujah Diet is a vegan, mostly raw eating plan with an additional regimen of supplements. Again, this diet is extremely low in calories, so it may not provide all of the necessary nutrients for life and is unlikely to keep you feeling full and energized. Supposedly, raw food is what our bodies are “designed” to process – but experts disagree, saying that there’s no proven benefit to eating raw foods.

5. The Sleeping Beauty Diet

We’ve blogged at length about how not enough sleep is associated with obesity, but the solution is not to sedate yourself for days to make up for it. Even though, that is exactly what the sleeping beauty diet suggests; after all, you not only catch up on sleep, but you can’t exactly eat while you’re unconscious, can you?

While it’s true that your body will burn stored calories, there are also far better ways of making this happen that don’t involve a handful of sleeping pills – like exercising.

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