Workout Ideas For Busy People Who Travel Often

Workout Ideas For Busy People Who Travel Often

One of the easiest things to “forget” about when we’re busy with our work or with our family is our workout. We find time to relax, to go out for lunch (usually), but somehow we don’t find the time to keep our bodies active, and then the guilt begins. To avoid this cycle and make sure that you stay in top shape while also building your career or your family life, here are a few workout ideas for busy people.

Workout Ideas For Busy People

1. Cardio Fix

Your first option is running. Don’t groan about how you hate it. You know that you love the feeling you get when it’s done. It’s one of the fastest and most effective ways of burning fat and staying in shape for people who travel. And it’s very easy to practice, so you can do this even when you are traveling- all you need is a pair of shoes and some comfy clothes.

If you really cannot leave your room, but you have internet, why not try a few workout videos? The internet is full of them- even free options, if you’re conscious of your budget. Find one you like and that can motivate you and get to it! It doesn’t matter if it looks ridiculous or if you feel weird jumping around in your room. Remember that the important thing is you keep moving.

Workout Ideas For Busy People Who Travel Often

2. Body Weight Exercises

You should try performing a series of bodyweight exercises especially if you’re one of the people who travel frequently and who want to get the hotel perks but stay in shape too. They are easy to do but can be quite challenging. If done regularly they improve your health- and your looks!

Pushups are your friend. If you cannot perform proper “classic” pushups, wall pushups are an option, as are knee pushups. If you have a bar, try adding some pull-ups as well to work your back muscles.

For the core you can try the plank, as well as Russian twists and reverse crunches.

Squats are extremely effective for the lower body, as they work some of the biggest muscles in your body (quads, glutes and hamstrings). They also work your core a little as you keep your balance, and they help you accelerate your metabolism. If you’re not into those, you can perform a series of lunges (stationary or walking lunges work just as well), and of course some calf raises just for fun.

3. Improvised Weight Training

If you have a few bottles of water lying around, you can use those to work your muscles in a very efficient way without even leaving your hotel room. Use them for lateral raises, to work your shoulders, or use them as improvised dumbbells to make sure you get some bench presses in as well.

To do some weighted exercises for the lower body, cram the bottles in your suitcase (as many as you can fit) and then lift the suitcase for a set of deadlifts. Or put a few bottles or books in your backpack if you have one, put the backpack on your back and squat.

How do you stay fit while you travel? Let us know in the comments below.

Workout Ideas For Busy People

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