How Hugh Jackman Stays Fit With The Wolverine Workout

How Hugh Jackman Stays Fit With The Wolverine Workout

The Wolverine Workout

The primary goals of this Wolverine workout were to improve strength and size while keeping body fat to a minimum. We used a program that included progressive overload to ensure continual strength gains. The Wolverine workout may look complicated at first, but once you get started and have your numbers recorded, it becomes a very easy system to follow.

The training program is designed on a four-week schedule. During these four weeks the reps for the main lifts are changed each week. For the first three weeks the weight should increase each week. Then, during the fourth week, the weight is reduced to be able to perform 10 reps.

We worked off a percentage system to figure out exactly what weights we should be lifting each week for the main lifts. For all of the weeks, the percentages are calculated from your working 1-rep max (W1RM). To figure out your working 1-rep max, take 95 percent of your 1-rep max.

The main lifts:

– Barbell Bench Press;

– Back Squat;

– Weighted Pull-Up;

– Deadlift.

The Wolverine Workout Week 1


SetRep RangeWeight
Set 15 reps60% of W1RM
Set 25 reps65% of W1RM
Set 35 reps75% of W1RM
Set 45 reps75% of W1RM


The Wolverine Workout Week 2


SetRep RangeWeight
Set 14 reps65% of W1RM
Set 24 reps75% of W1RM
Set 34 reps85% of W1RM
Set 44 reps85% of W1RM


The Wolverine Workout Week 3


SetRep RangeWeight
Set 13 reps70% of W1RM
Set 23 reps80% of W1RM
Set 33 reps90% of W1RM
Set 43 reps90% of W1RM


The Wolverine Workout Week 4


SetRep RangeWeight
Set 110 reps40% of W1RM
Set 210 reps50% of W1RM
Set 310 reps60% of W1RM
Set 410 reps60% of W1RM

Wolverine Workout with Hugh Jackman

Once the first block of four weeks is complete, add 5-10 percent to your working 1-rep max. Increase 5 percent if progress is slow, and 10 percent if you can reach your target reps comfortably. Use this rule to plan each new four-week block.


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