Whitehaven Beach Is The Best Australian Relaxing Place

Are you tired of the crowds and routines? Want to have fun in another way than to go out in clubs and bars? Go on a cruise and stop for at least one day in Whitehaven Beach, Australia. With no crowds, no noise and great scenery, you will fall instantly for this beach.

Whitehaven Beach has the finest sand

Whitehaven Beach is a beautiful, isolated beach and yes, it is true, it has white sands. The sand is comparable to other pure, silicon white sands of the gorgeous beaches surrounding Jervis Bay. However, Whitehaven Beach is completely isolated.  You can access it on your own yacht without the thousands of tourists milling around from the frequently visiting tourist boats. Because Whitehaven is set in a beautiful pristine National Park there aren’t any facilities nearby.  So you cannot enjoy a coffee or a meal if that is your pleasure. There is not a lot of shade so it is strongly suggested you take an umbrella during the hot, steamy summer months.

You have never seen such a clear water anywhere else. Once you jump into the water, you don`t want to get up any more. The temperature of the water is just right for swimming. The white sand here is a natural product for exfoliating your skin.

Every one of us will be impressed by the beach that feels like walking on the finest white silica powder. It is an amazing place that you will remember for a long, long time. Do not expect bars, clubs, pubs or supermarkets, there is an environmental toilet and a couple of picnic tables. Whitehaven Beach is the most peaceful and relaxing place in Australia!

Whitehaven Beach is a glorious and peaceful location, with a stunning view. The surrounding scenery is so picturesque, definitely a photographer’s dream. Every night here is beautifully calm and tranquil. You can watch the turtles swim past in the clear blue water. The beach does get quite crowded with day trippers that are flown in or arrive by tour boats. But by late afternoon most have left and the beach becomes a white speck on the landscape again. Take the time to go, it’s well worth it!





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