Top 10 Weird Fitness Equipments You Probably Didn’t Heard Of

Top 10 Weird Fitness Equipments You Probably Didn’t Heard Of

4. FaceTrainer

If there was ever a college contest to make the most convincing infomercial for a fake piece of fitness equipment, the presentation for FaceTrainer would take the cake.

But welcome to the real world, where FaceTrainer is a real thing that actually does something. Not sure what that something is, other than helping you develop mime-like facial expressions, but we won’t let such details get in our way right?

If you watch their ads, you will learn how to properly use this vital piece of equipment. The infomercials offer an ample tutorial on how to put the sponge-like knight-helmet on, and you will be delighted to see some models making ridiculous faces, teaching you how to wear this and *cough cough* exercise your face. You will be taught to perform movements such as “the surprised puppy-dog” (I swear I’m not making this up), that exercises all your facial muscles, or even some advanced training techniques such as “The Smile Line Smoother”, and even “The Undereye Smoother”- this one exercises the muscles around your eyes, which in time, with all this working out, you will “begin to feel moving aggressively”. Who doesn’t want aggressive under-eye muscles, am I right? No? OK let’s move on then.

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