Should You Take Vitamins And Supplements?

Should You Take Vitamins And Supplements?

There’s a lot of misinformation regarding taking supplements. And I’m going to make things clear about it in this article.

You have one whole group of people that talk about the idea that you don’t need to take any supplements because there’s plenty in the food. That may have been true at one time, but it’s not so easy to do anymore.

I’m running into people all the time on that side of the fence who claim that you’re just wasting your money if you take a supplement, a vitamin, a mineral, some kind of a nutritious substance that’s been isolated.

But I’m not one of these people, so let me tell you why I believe some of us need and should take nutritional supplements more than others.

The Foods In The Supermarkets Aren’t Nutritious Anymore

You probably are going to find it difficult to get everything that your body needs out of your food.

Let’s say you’re growing your own vegetables and you’re grazing your own beef or other animals that you may eat. Let’s say you’re aware of everything and you cook everything yourself.

Still, you’re gonna find it hard to get every nutrient that you need in the amount that you need from the foods.

There are many factors that make our foods increasingly less nutritious these days, like:

  • Soil depletion.
  • The industrial food growing is giving us foods that aren’t very nutritious.
  • The organic foods have somewhere around 6 times the nutrient density of what you’re buying in the supermarket.

So it’s difficult to get everything you need out of a good diet. A lot of the common foods people eat these days don’t have nutrients in a form that is really easily absorbed.

So there could be a lot of things that interfere with you getting your nutrients.

In conclusion, you are probably not going to get everything that you need just out of your food.

Be Reasonable With Supplements

On the other hand, you don’t need to take grocery bags full of supplements. You can really key on certain things and have a way to understand what it is you need to take.

There’s a pretty good laboratory work out there that you can get different ways to test if you need supplements or not:

  1. One way is a blood test, that allows you to see from the responsive certain cells whether you’ve got enough nutrients or not.
  2. You can actually test the levels in the blood if you more accurately test what’s in the red blood cells.
  3. You can do something called an organic acid test.
  4. Or take a urine test where we look to see if certain things are coming out in the urine. That way we know if the nutrients are upstream because you get different things out.

So there are different ways to look and see if you’re getting the nutrients into your body.

I find most people have a deficiency in their body, even with a good diet. So considering what most Americans eat, YES you got to take supplements.

But I would say that it’s good to key in on the things that you need and not take everything on the shelf. So use some testing, go to somebody that has some knowledge.

Are Supplements Good Or Not?

So both sides have a point, I do think that you have to eat a good diet and make that a base and get most of the nutrients out of that.

On the other hand, if you’re missing something that’s going to help your body to function, you need to take a nutritional supplement.

So be reasonable about it. You don’t have to take everything out there. Eat a good diet and you can supplement it with for example multi-vitamins and/or multi-minerals.

Better to be a little bit over than under the daily normal intake of essential nutrients.

You can also take some sources of Omega 3 fats and the most direct source is fish, but there are also a lot of supplements with Omega 3 in the nutrition stores.

You want those essential fats like Omega 3 or Omega 6, so if you know you don’t get them from your food, just take some supplements that can help you with this.

Also, you can take probiotics occasionally. We’ll talk in detail about these in a future article.

Those probably should be your baseline supplements. Again, at least you’re covering some basis.

Herbs and supplements have their place and we at least need the vitamins and the minerals that are important to the function of the human body. So be reasonable on both sides:

  • Eat a good diet and get the nutrients you need from that.
  • If that isn’t enough, you are free to take some supplements like vitamins, minerals, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats, probiotics etc.

You have almost the total control over what happens with your health and a lot of it comes down to what you eat. So be careful and eat healthily!

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