Vegetable Based Diet And Its Top 3 Healthy Foods

Vegetable Based Diet And Its Top 3 Healthy Foods

What Is A Healthy Lifestyle?

The core philosophy to a healthy lifestyle is eating a vegetable based diet with rich micronutrient density. That means food gives us macronutrients with calories, which are fat, carbohydrate and protein. And food also gives us those micronutrients that do not contain calories: vitamins, minerals, phyto-chemicals. As you increase your nutrient quality of your diet, you have less hunger, less cravings, less strive to overeat and of course much better health.

Healthy Lifestyle Formula

Our diet is now 52% calories from processed foods and 30% from animal products, so we’re eating an inadequate amount of vegetation. There’s a simple formula for superior health and keeping weight off:

  • H (health) = N (nutrients) / C (calories),

which means our healthy life expectancy. The quality of your life, your emotional state, wether you get demented or not, any resistance to cancer, all these little life diseases is based on the micronutrient per calorie density through your lifetime.

Meat Based Diet

A diet to be most beneficial for weight loss has to be a vegetable based diet, not meat based, not bread and pasta based, not oil based. The point is that we have to eat more vegetation. And the recent science shows that if we eat too many animal products, the increased protein raises a hormone called IGF-1, that can produce breast cancer or prostate cancer. Also the bacteria in the digestive tract change in response to a meat based diet, so you grow certain bacteria that actually create inflammation.

Vegetable Based Diet

It’s nice to have a whole collection of foods you can eat unlimited amounts of if you are hungry. Cutting back on calories is not the answer to successful weight loss and successful health. Exercising more doesn’t work. You have to increase the quality of what you eat not just reduce the quantity. If you try to reduce the quantity without increasing the quality, you’ll have food cravings and toxic addictions and you’re not gonna feel well, unless you’ll overeat food.

The more these high nutrient foods like green vegetables and salads you eat, the easier it is to lose weight. You see, eat more vegetables to lose more weight and don’t have to cook small portions of food and count calories anymore.

Top 3 Healthy Foods

Three of the most beneficial, anti-cancer and longevity promoting foods are green vegetables, beans and onions. There is also an acronym called GBOMBS, which means: greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds. This way you’ll never forget the most powerful anti-cancer foods in our dietary landscape. We can reduce these cancer rates by 90% or more with people adopting a diet rich in micronutrients.

We have to recognize which foods give us all those protective micronutrients and then eat more of them. So I encourage people to eat a large salad every day. Put a big sign on your refrigerator which says “salad is the main dish”. This way you’ll never forget what food is healthy for you. My favourite salad is made with raw vegetables like:

  • kale;
  • cabbage;
  • red onions;
  • a delicious dressing made with tomato sauce, almond butter and vinegar or balsamic vinegar;
  • also put a little raisin in there.

Guys, you need to eat your salad. Don’t get me wrong, meat is good and tasty, but it has some drawbacks too. But did you heard someone feeling sick from eating salad? Neither I. So go change your lifestyle and try a vegetable based diet. Do share this article with people you might think will enjoy it. Stay fit!

Vegetable based diet

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