Top 6 Trigger Foods That Cause Belly Bloat

Today I want to talk to you about trigger foods that cause belly bloat and how it feels living with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and spastic colon. This is something I get asked about all the time and I’ve figured out that there are certain foods you need to stay away from if you want to get rid of belly bloat.

You should know that a lot of the pain, bloating, discomfort and weight gain are coming from the foods that you’re eating. So I highly recommend you to take a look at these trigger foods that might be aggravating your digestive system and try to eliminate them from your diet, one by one.

Belly Bloat Effects

You need to start thinking of eliminating these foods from your diet when:

  • You’re struggling with consistent bloating;
  • Your body retains water;
  • Can’t get rid of the extra weight;
  • Always have that full filling in your stomach;
  • Have those sharp shooting pains in your stomach that interrupt your life and just don’t make you feel good.

Get rid of belly bloat by avoiding these foods one by one, or maybe a couple of them at a time, it’s up to you. If you manage to eliminate them from your diet you will:

  • Feel better;
  • Get rid of all that stomach pain;
  • Avoid belly bloating;
  • Start losing weight;
  • Get your belly flat.

Top Trigger Foods

If you didn’t notice already, your belly bloats right after you consume these kind of trigger foods, or sometimes you feel it a day later or two days later, sometimes it sits in your system for a week or more. So here are top foods that trigger belly bloating:

1. Dairy

Dairy is the number one trigger food that cause belly bloat, and that includes cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, milk.

2. Fried Foods

We knew that already, didn’t we? Take out all your deep fried foods and replace them with a healthier alternative like baked food.

3. Coffee

I know this one is hard, but it definitely can be done. You can replace it with tea or even a healthy smoothie.

4. Artificial Sweeteners

You should avoid artificial sweeteners not only because they are triggers for your belly bloat, but because they are NOT HEALTHY at all. You should know that almost all foods and beverages labeled as “sugar-free” or “diet”, actually contain artificial sweeteners

5. Alcohol

And yes, I’m talking about all alcohol beverages, especially beer, which is made from wheat. So I recommend to avoid wheat as well if you want to avoid belly bloating.

6. Nuts

Our stomach can’t digest nuts very well and we can’t fully absorb the minerals from them, but by soaking, sprouting or fermenting, most of their minerals break down or are leached out, making nuts easier to digest.

So if you’re feeling sick and tired after eating those foods, start to eliminate some of them and see how your body feels. It’s just a process of elimination. I hope that helps and is enough information for now to get you started.

Let me know if this helped you, leave a comment if you have some questions and share this information. Stay healthy!

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