Football Workout And Tips For The Entire Body

Football Workout And Tips For The Entire Body

7. L-cone Drill

Set up three cones in an L-shape, each five yards apart. Start at the “top” of the L and sprint to the “bottom,” reaching down to touch the cone. Turn around and sprint back to the top cone and circle around it as tightly as you can, then sprint all the way to the third cone at the end of the L. Circle this cone as tightly as you can, then sprint back around the L, outside the bottom cone and past the top cone to finish. Time this drill with a stopwatch; repeat four times and log your best time, then test yourself in five weeks to measure your improvement.

football-workout-L cone drill

8. Push-up To Touch

Start in plank position with a wide foot placement, just within reaching distance of a cone. Stabilize and engage your core, then reach out overhead with one arm to touch the top of the cone, all while keeping your body in a straight line and being sure not to let your hips or shoulders dip. Place your hand back on the ground, then repeat with the other arm. (To make this move more challenging, add a push-up between every reach.) Complete 5 to 8 reps with each arm, then finish by doing as many regular or modified push-ups as you can.

football-workout-push up and touch

9. Squat Jump

Start in a squat position: Knees bent, butt down, back straight, and toes pointed slightly outward. Explode upward by jumping as high as you can, then absorb the impact by landing on the balls of your feet and going right back into your squat. Do 10 reps, making sure your knees are not buckling inward upon landing or push-off.

football-workout-squat jump

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