Football Workout And Tips For The Entire Body

Football Workout And Tips For The Entire Body

4. Pro Run

Run in a straight line about 15 yards, reaching your knees up in front of you as high as possible. Alternate legs quickly and stay on the balls of your feet. Turn around and run back the other way, kicking your feet back behind you so that your ankles touch your butt.

football-workout-pro run

5. Agility Drill

Set up three cones in a straight line, each five yards apart. Start at the second (center) cone and sprint to the first cone. Turn around and sprint back, past the second cone all the way to the third cone. Turn around and sprint back to the center cone. Do this four times, using a stopwatch to time each interval. Log your best time, then test yourself in five weeks to measure your improvement.

football-workout-agility drill

6. Shuffle-Sprint

Using the same three-cone setup, start at the third (back) cone and shuffle laterally for five yards to the second cone, staying low to the ground and moving as quickly as you can. At the second cone, change direction into a full-on sprint for another five yards. Touch the first cone and then change direction, switching back over into a lateral shuffle for five yards. At the second cone, cross over again to a sprint. Repeat five to six times with no rest.

football-workout-shuffle sprint

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