My Top 8 Healthy Snacks To Get Rid Of Cravings

My Top 8 Healthy Snacks To Get Rid Of Cravings

Sometimes it just so happens that you know, deep inside, that you will kill anyone trying to get between you and a Snickers bar. But lucky for us, we’re evolved enough to try and avoid hurting someone because of some nutty chocolate (amazing, delicious chocolate), especially if we think that most of our cravings are not for something healthy. So just in case this compulsion strikes again (and you know it will), here’s a list of healthy snacks we can all keep handy so as to remain sane when our cravings hit:

8 Healthy Snacks

1. Sliced Tomato With Feta And Olive Oil

Thishealthy snack is easy to make – simply slice some tomatoes (in-season organic ones are best), then sprinkle some crumbles feta cheese on it, and drizzle a little bit of olive oil (if you have the flavored version it’s great).

2. Chocolate Milk

This healthy snack is divine when trying to fight chocolate cravings. Plus, it’s easy to prepare! In a tall glass, mix a tea spoon of honey with a tea spoon of cocoa. Pour a little milk, mix again, then fill the glass with more milk. This divine treat will “cure” your need of chocolate, and also boost your calcium intake!

3. Banana

Nothing to add here. It’s easy to take with you, easy to peel, easy to eat, easy to love.

4. Tofu Miso Soup With Salmon

Sounds complicated, but I promise this healthy snack is easy and it will kill your salt cravings in just a few minutes. You make the miso soup like this: in a pot bring 3 glasses of water to a boil, then add a bit of onion, a bit of chopped up lettuce, and a very thinly sliced carrot which you can slice with the potato peeler. 10 minutes later, add a bit of miso paste (about a tea spoon) and some soy sauce for the salty bit. After 5 minutes it’s done, and you can add some sliced smoked salmon in there for an extra bit of flavor.

5. Shelled Edamame

Edamame are used in salads and soups, but they are amazing even when eaten raw. It’ll give you that crunchy-cnack feeling, and also fill you with healthy protein.

6. Simple Popcorn

If you choose the popcorn variety that doesn’t have butter, cheese, a bucket of chemicals and some extra elephant fat… you’ll be fine. Simple salted popcorn is amazing and it kills any salt cravings while also keeping the calories to a minimum.

7. Really, Really Dark Chocolate

And I’m talking, more than 90% dark chocolate. The darker the better, because that means it contains less sugar. But keep in mind there is fat used to keep all that cocoa together, so calorie wise this is similar to normal chocolate- it just happens to be a lot healthier for you.

8. Yogurt With Fruit

In a simple yogurt (from 0% fat to Greek yogurt, any variety is OK as long as it doesn’t have added sugars) you just add some chopped fruit of your choice, and a tea spoon of honey if you need it extr-sweet. If you add sweeter fruit like bananas for instance that won’t be needed.

Let us know your favorite healthy snacks in a comment below.

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