Tips To Reach Your Goal And Stay Healthy On The Way

Tips To Reach Your Goal And Stay Healthy On The Way

No doubt you’ve had a few ups and downs in your weight loss journey (we all have, right?). I bet you’re not here because it’s all sunshine and rainbows, so I will keep this list simple. This is a list of the top essential tips on how to lose weight without going into the unhealthy side. Let’s have a look at what will help you reach your goal and stay healthy on the way!

How To Stay Healthy While Losing Weight?

1. Drink Water

Drinking water is a great way to lose weight because it helps you fill up your stomach, but that’s not quite the point. You will never be able to fool actual hunger with water. What this does, instead, is help you distinguish between your stomach saying “Fill me up” and “I’m so hungry”. Many times we confuse thirst for hunger- so next time you grab a snack, drink a glass of water instead. In 10 minutes, are you still hungry? If yes, eat your meal. If no, then it was just good ol’ thirst!

Another benefit is that water helps to flush down toxins from your body. It also helps your cells work a bit better, which in turn increases your metabolism (and we all know that means weight loss).

A tip on how to do this at all times: carry a reusable bottle with you! Buy one that’s nice to look at as well, make this drinking water thing a special even in your day (even if it’s an event that happens several times a day).

Drink water to stay healthy

2. Replace Refined Carbs With Veggies

What are refined carbs? Well they are white rice, white bread, honey, milk sugar. They get stuck in your body as fat, as they are simple carbs. The body processes them very quickly and stores them just as quickly.

Now, complex carbs which are found in vegetables actually take a lot longer to process, and your body has to “fight” a bit to process them. That’s a very simple way of explaining why they do not get stuck as fat so easily.

So eating vegetables like broccoli and beets and green peas is an amazing way to lose weight and stay healthy, and remember they also have carbs (but the good kind) so they will give you energy throughout the day! Besides, they have a lot more fiber which helps you feel full for longer and improves your digestion.


3. Don’t Be A Cardio Bunny!

Although cardio has its benefits for your heart and your overall well-being, the best way to lose weight in a healthy way is to combine it with some resistance and weight training. If you’re intimidated by the free weight section in the gym you can start with machines, or even your body weight! Anything that is challenging for you but doesn’t necessarily make you pant for an hour should be good.

The reason for this is that doing resistance work helps build muscles, and the more muscles you have the faster your metabolism is! So if you develop your muscles then you will simply burn more fat every day by just existing, because your muscles need a lot more energy if they are bigger than they did when they were smaller.

What was your first and most important way to lose weight and stay healthy while you were on your journey? Share your thoughts with us even if you are still losing weight, and let’s encourage one another!

cardio to stay healthy

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