Having A Hard Time To Get Physically Active? Try These Tips

Having A Hard Time To Get Physically Active? Try These Tips

It’s hard to get physically active, especially after an injury or some serious break from exercise. But these tips can ease your comeback!

We all have periods in life when we find it difficult to exercise regularly. Maybe you don’t have time, maybe you are not motivated or maybe you just don’t know where to start!

When you’ve been inactive for a while, the most difficult part is to start! Once when you start and feel all the benefits of exercise, you won’t be thinking about quitting ever again!

There are so many benefits of regular exercise, both for your body and your mind:

  • You will soon get in better shape, grow muscles, and lose weight (if that is your goal).
  • Your skin will improve, your circulation will get better, but the most important thing is that you will suddenly have more energy.
  • Exercise will help you to reduce stress and improve your mood.

You shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself, it is ok to start slowly! Just make sure to get physically active regularly.

How To Get Physically Active After A Break From Exercise

Here are three things that will help you if you want to start exercising after a long break:

1. Go For A Walk

When was the last time you went for a walk that lasted more than 15 minutes?

Walking is a great exercise and it is suitable for everyone, even for people who are not in great physical condition. It improves heart rate, circulation, coordination and so on.

If you are easily bored, invite your spouse or a friend to go for a walk with you! You will both have benefited from it and you will also have a chance to spend some quality time together and chat.

2. Join A Local Gym

This one might sound obvious, but there is something in joining the gym and getting the card with your name that will give you extra motivation.

You will be surrounded with people who have similar goals and you will have a chance to make new friends. Everything is easier when you are in a good company!

If you get bored after a while, a personal trainer can help you break your routine and take you to the next level.

Remember, never compare yourself to others and don’t be too hard on yourself. It is important to enjoy every step of the process.

3. Start Slow

Even if you always complain that you don’t have time for exercise, I bet you have 5-minutes a day to dedicate to your body. There are various simple exercises that you can do even if you are a complete beginner.

You can do these exercises while watching TV, talking with friends or scrolling Instagram. There are even some exercises that you can do in your car while you are waiting for something or someone.

The point is to commit to working out, at least for 5-minutes a day. It seems like a short period of time, but 5 minutes is still better than zero minutes, right?

After a while, you will develop a habit and 5 minutes will soon become 10 minutes, and then half an hour.

4. Hydrate Yourself

After a long period of break from working out, or when you start exercising for the first time, you’ll sweat a lot; more than usual.

And you need to replace the loss of fluids in your body by staying constantly hydrated.

So make sure to carry a bottle of water with you, whether you’re working out in the gym, at home or running in the park.

You’ll work out better, have more energy, and your mind is clearer if you’re properly hydrated.

5. Every Move Counts

Don’t think of exercise as an hour of intense workouts at the same time, every day. That’s boring!

Instead, try to mix things up; every chore around the house counts. So whether you have to vacuum today, consider this a workout (because it actually is a workout).

More ways to get physically active without a scheduled workout session would be:

  1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  2. Park the car a bit further from the place you need to go and walk the rest of the distance.
  3. Do some Jumping Jacks (or any other full-body exercises) during commercial brakes when watching TV.
  4. Have some fun with your kid; try skipping rope, hide and seek, or any other fun game that involves physical activity.
  5. Use your bike every time you can and the distance is manageable.

These are some of the best ideas to get physically active! Remember, wherever you are now with your body, the most important thing is to start! You can try everything in order to see what works best for you!

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