Thigh Gap Workout For Ladies

Thigh Gap Workout For Ladies

Today we’re gonna go through something that’s a little bit more for the ladies because it focuses on your adductors which are the inner thigh muscles. So if you’re looking for that thigh gap that I see all over Twitter and Instagram this workout is something that you can definitely do to get it.

If you are a runner this thigh gap workout is amazing especially because adductors are something that really help you drive through that running stroke.

Thigh gap workout

The great thing about this thigh gap workout is that even those small tiny movements will help your thigh muscles no matter what.

I want you to try to get through 10 of each thigh gap exercise. If something feels like is too tough or is too hard or you’re shaking, just relax shake it out and start over. But if you feel like this thigh gap workout it doesn’t require your muscles enough, just increase the number of exercises from 10 to 15 or even 20.

Starting position

Get on your left side like a mermaid and hold your head with your hand. It’s really important that you hold your head with your hand rather than to let it down without support. This helps to stabilize the spine a little bit more and it helps to take the pressure of your neck and your upper back. Now your body should be parallel to the front of your mat.

I want you to take your right leg and to move it in front of you. Grab its ankle with your right hand and hold the leg there. Now focus on the left leg and point the toe down and the heel up. The reason why we do that is that we wanna focus on both bands of muscles that are on our inner thighs.

This is the starting position:

Inner thigh exercises

Exercise no.1

Lift your left leg slowly, very slowly and make sure that your toe is down and your heel is up. Do this move 10 times. When you’re done, if it’s getting to tough and it feels like your leg is burning, you can stop and relax for a couple of seconds.

Exercise no.2

For the next thigh gap workout you need to lift your leg all the way up to the very top and come half way down. So it’s just like a little pulse, tiny movements. Don’t forget to make sure that your toe is down and your heel is up while you’re lifting your leg. Do 10 reps and then relax your leg.

Exercise no.3

And now you’re gonna go into something called three stops. This thigh gap exercise is just like the first one but when you lift your leg make sure to do it like this: lift your leg a little, then a little more and then to top. These are the three stops. Do this move 10 times and then relax your inner thigh muscles.

If you’re just starting with this thigh gap workout you should go to do that on one leg and then switch to the other leg and do the exact same exercise. Otherwise if you’re feeling super-energetic or you feel like this isn’t challenging you too much, you can go right to the next set of exercises.

As you saw, you’re only doing 10 reps for each exercise, you’re not going for like a minute straight. So is really important to get those 10 reps perfectly. And that’s sort of the whole premise of Pilates: you’re not doing many reps, but the ones you’re doing are super correctly executed.

Thigh gap workout

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