3 Serious Testosterone Side Effects You Need To Know

3 Serious Testosterone Side Effects You Need To Know

Is it worth the risk of taking injections and what are some serious testosterone side effects? So when I say testosterone use, this could be an umbrella term for pretty much any kind of anabolic steroid, any kind of pro hormone, a lot of different things that are going to convert to an excess amounts of testosterone in your body.

Testosterone Side Effects

So is it worth the risk? I’m gonna list 3 testosterone side effects and why you should not stuff your body with this thing.

1. Acne + Body Hair + Baldness

Why do people take steroids and testosterone in the first place? It really all comes down to their opinion of themselves and for whatever reason they think they have to build more muscle and they need to get there really quick. Some people do it to get girls, or for football, or for whatever reason because there’s a lot of different reasons why people do it.

Some people have grown patches of hair on their shoulders and their back from taking this stuff. You also can get really bad acne on your back, shoulders and on your face. If you had a little bit of like teenage acne or you broke out when you were younger, it’s basically gonna hit you like a firestorm because that stuff is already in your system, you’re already prone to breaking outs.

It’s like you’re going through puberty again when you have all this extra testosterone in your body. You might be building muscle, but what girl really cares if you have big muscles, when all she sees is acne and hair on your shoulders and on your back?

If you have male pattern baldness or you’re prone to receding hairline, it can really accelerate your hair loss.

2. Addiction + Depression + Aggression

The second testosterone side effect is the mental addiction. Obviously when you’re taking testosterone you’re growing muscles really quick, getting stronger at a rate that you’ve never experienced before.

Eventually, you’re gonna be cycling on the stuff for 8 to 12 weeks or whatever kind of crazy cycle you do, but you’re gonna have to cycle of at some point. When you cycle of, your gains are gonna go down the drain. You are gonna lose muscle mass, you’re gonna lose strength, people at the gym are going to be like are gonna know right away that you cheated to get that physique last month.

And when you cycle of and you don’t feel the same, you’re chasing that higher, like a drug addict, or like an alcoholic. That’s why steroid abuse and steroid addiction is treated really seriously, just like a cocaine, or heroin, or alcohol addiction.

Another thing is mood swings and aggression. You have heard the term “roid rage”, so what this really means? If you’re already kind of an aggressive person and you take this stuff, you gonna be a lot more aggressive. It’s basically gonna make you wanna fight people and you’re just gonna be so alpha, that you may not be able to control it.

If you’re prone to depression, testosterone can really mess you up because a lot of chemical imbalances can occur in your body if you have too much testosterone production.

3. Speeds Up Tumor Growth

The third testosterone side effect is probably the most serious because there’s people who have died from taking steroids and testosterone products. If you have a tumor or some kind of disease going on in your body, the testosterone isn’t going to just spot build your biceps or your chest muscles, it is going to accelerate the growth of everything in your body.

So if you have tumor or cancer cells, you are speeding up the growth of these free radicals and killers. So you’re basically killing yourself at a really fast rate by injecting testosterone in your body.

This is a really serious testosterone side effect because some people have genetic disorders and some people are prone to different types of cancer and by taking this stuff they’re basically killing themselves. They’re speeding up the growth of this stuff and it might be too little, too late once you finally catch the cancer.

Those are three serious testosterone side effects, so I hope I made you to go the all natural way of building muscles. Don’t take the shortcuts in life, but reach your full potential by working hard and not cheating the system. Stay fit!

Testosterone Side Effects

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