Slim Waist | Tips For A Hourglass Waist

Slim Waist | Tips For A Hourglass Waist

Slim waist has always been in fashion and will remain so. Unfortunately, not all are endowed with such a hourglass waist, so there are left to do only two things: either to adopt articles of clothing that creates the illusion of a thin waist or to intervene where nature has not been generous.

How To Get A Slim Waist In Short Time

The second option is always preferable, because there are plenty of situations where clothes can not solve the problem. Like, for example, summer, beach, bathing suit when we can not feel really good.

Food Tips For Slim Waist

As always, what we eat is paramount. A few food tricks can help us to eliminate the “fluffy” look of waist:

1. Eat slowly to avoid swallowing air and bloating.

2. Forget about drinking soda.

3. Avoid foods that ferment in the stomach and bloating you: cabbage, broccoli, beans, peas, radishes, cheese, apples, pears.

4. At the end of the meal,  drink probiotic yogurt, which restores intestinal flora and facilitates digestion.

The Most Effective Exercises For Slim Waist

Essentially are, and this time, the exercises specifically designed for this area. Units based on a defined slim waist is constant exercise. Fortunately, the first results are visible after just one month. We propose six of the most effective exercises. 3 of the slim waist exercises are made standing on your feets, the other 3 laying on the ground.

For the first 3 exercises, the correct position is: knees slightly bent, butt tense, as well as abdomen. Here are the 6 exercises:

1. The easiest exercise for a slim waist is: take a metal bar to the neck, with the shoulders support. Bend trunk to the left and right alternately, each time returning to the starting position. Execute the bending of the body for 30 seconds, 4 series.

2. The same exercise, but this time do not bend trunk left and right, but you twist to the left and right, as if you look behind you. After each twisting, return to starting position. Movement must be made in the abdomen, not the body basin! Do not stop until after 30 seconds, take a break and take over again with 3 series.

3. For the third exercise, you give up the bar, but you’ll keep your legs bent, abs and buttocks tense. Describe circles as ample trunk leaning up against, from left to right and then let yourself back to close the circle. Make the same movement from right to left. 4 sets each with 20 spins (10 from left to right, 10 from right to left).


4. Sit on the floor on your back with legs bent, soles of the foot. Raise your right hip off the ground, then alternative the left. Repeat the movement 20 times and do 4 series.

5. Same position on the ground with legs bent and arms at your sides. Lift your shoulders off the ground (only the shoulders, not the lower back), you beard chest, abdomen tense and touching alternative right palm heel rights, then left hand left heel. Perform 4 sets of 20 reps each.

6. For this last exercise, stay on the ground, but come back on one side. The body should be in a straight line. Sit out on the ground, head on the arm and the other arm get in the front of the chest and lean on it. Keep your legs together and raise them off the ground as much as possible. Perform 4 sets of 20 reps each on each side.

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