Side Effects Of Food Additives And Chemicals

Side Effects Of Food Additives And Chemicals

Many of the foods that we eat contain a large number of preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavors. Here’s how food additives and chemicals can affect you.

These ingredients are used to help improve the overall taste, appeal, and longevity of food. While they do help make food appeal to a large amount of the population, they are full of food additives and harmful chemicals.

The chemicals that are inside of these ingredients can cause a significant number of adverse health effects.

The improvement of the color, taste, and longevity of our foods is not worth the adverse health effects.

Side Effects Of Food Additives And Other Artificial Ingredients

Here are some of the negative health effects of food additives such as preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavors that we find in our food:

1. Allergies

When our food is not processed cleanly and free of preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavors, we are putting unknown chemicals into our bodies.

These chemicals can have an adverse effect on our bodies and cause a wide variety of allergies.

The names of some of these preservatives and artificial ingredients are often hard to pronounce and hard to read on the labels.

If you are looking to reduce your allergies and limit the number of preservatives you put in your body, you need to use products like Monin Clean Label. These products are free of artificial ingredients and food additives, guaranteed.

2. Headaches

Recent studies have shown that preservatives can actually cause headaches. These studies found that one of the leading preservatives found in fruit and other foods is sulfites.

This ingredient can cause acute and chronic headaches in people.

While this preservative is injected into the fruit to help increase its shelf life and longevity, it has negative health effects that we should not be exposing ourselves or our children to.

3. Stomach Cancer

One of the most threatening preservatives that are often added to the food we buy and eat is nitrates and nitrites.

This preservative is often injected into the meat we buy from our local grocery stores to increase the shelf life.

However, consuming large amounts of these preservatives can significantly increase your risk of developing stomach cancer later in life.

For those of us who are trying to live a healthy life, this is an issue that we need to all be aware of. So let’s avoid purchasing foods that are harming our bodies.

4. Hyperactivity

When children are exposed to artificial colors and artificial flavors, it can have an adverse effect on their health.

Children are much smaller than adults and it takes only a small dose of something to affect them.

Recent studies have shown that when children are exposed to food additives, they have an increased risk of being hyperactive and unable to sit still.

5. Learning Deficits

Recent studies have also shown that when children consume artificial flavors and artificial colors on a regular basis, they have an increased risk for developing learning deficits.

When children are exposed to these artificial ingredients, they are more likely than their peers, who do not eat foods with artificial ingredients, to have learning impairments.

The learning impairments that result from these foods can vary from child to child but the correlation exists.

As parents, we all need to understand what is in our foods so that we can keep our children safe and healthy.

6. Irritability

When children and some adults are given foods with preservatives and artificial ingredients on a consistent basis, they are at risk of becoming irritable.

These food dyes that are found in many foods can increase a person’s aggressive nature and make them less pleasant to be around.

Their irritability can present itself after eating the food or after a few hours when their bodies are craving the food again.

Read Food Labels!

If many foods have these food additives in them, we all need to start actively reading the label of our foods to check the ingredients.

Reading the labels and understanding what is really in our food can help prevent us and our families from experiencing these adverse health effects.

To ensure that we live our lives as healthy as possible, we should all take a closer look at what is really in our foods.

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