How To Revive Your Dry Hair In 6 Easy Steps

How To Revive Your Dry Hair In 6 Easy Steps

A few small changes are enough to revive your dry hair and make it healthy and glowing. Follow these six tips to fix your dull and dry hair.

Nowadays, people have numerous options when it comes to styling and managing their hair. With all the new hair products and tools on the market, there are so many exciting and fun things you can do to your hair.

You can change its color every chance you get or have it braided in different directions, or you can wear it down in waves today and wear it up in a bun the next day. Many individuals have used their hair to express their style, mood, and taste.

As amazing as having different hairstyles may sound, sooner or later, you may notice how your hair has slowly become damaged, brittle, and dry.

Usually, the signs of dry hair can both be seen and felt. Split ends are more visible, the strands are rough to the touch, and overall, your hair looks lifeless and dull.

But don’t despair. There are still steps you can take to save your hair, bring back its former glory and beauty, and hopefully prevent further damage in the future.

6 Tips To Revive Your Dry Hair

A few small changes are enough to make a long-lasting difference in your hair’s health. Here’s how to revive your dry hair in six easy steps:

1. Get Regular Trims

Get regular trims to keep your hair healthy

Even if you’re growing your hair long, it’s important that you still schedule regular trims to eliminate dry and dead split ends.

Cutting those off will prevent them from splitting more, traveling up to your hair, and creating a frizzier mess.

If you’re maintaining your current haircut, an ideal time for a trim is every four to five weeks. If you’re growing it out, you can have it trimmed every six to eight weeks.

You don’t need to cut much length as your stylist will only remove the ends to keep your hair looking healthy and unfrayed.

To prevent split ends from happening ever again, you can use fortifying shampoos and conditioners that’ll keep your hair strong, smooth, and supple.

Meanwhile, if you have a tender scalp, make sure to use a clean shampoo for a sensitive scalp before applying hair leave-in creams. Leave-in treatments are recommended for repairing dry split ends, frizzy hair, and minimize future damage.

2. Handle Wet Hair With Care

Handle Wet Hair With Care

Any hair type is at its most fragile state when it’s wet, and the possibility for damage is even higher than when it’s dry. Thus, it’s essential that you handle your wet hair with extra care.

As much as possible, avoid brushing your hair when it hasn’t dried, especially if you’re using an ordinary comb or brush. When in doubt, you may use a wide-toothed comb to detangle it.

Moreover, when brushing wet hair, don’t forget to apply a leave-in cream first to make it easier for the comb to slide through the strands without harming them.

Lastly, never tie your wet hair with an elastic band as it can easily cause breakage.

3. Invest In Healing Hair Masks

Revive Your Dry Hair - Use Hair Masks

Well-hydrated hair is healthy hair. Just like how you use a face mask to rejuvenate your face, the same goes for your hair, too.

So consider investing in healing hair masks as they’re designed to moisturize your hair, repair damaged strands, and keep your hair glossy for the next day.

For better results, purchase a hair mask suitable for your hair type. You can apply masks twice a week or more if necessary.

Most importantly, don’t rush when using them, and let them sit in your hair for a few hours so they can fulfill their purpose.

4. Avoid Washing Your Hair Every Day

How To Revive Dry Hair - Avoid Washing It Every Day

Many of you probably already know that washing your hair every day can be dangerous for its health. Doing so would only dehydrate your hair, strip off its natural oils, and eventually lead to more dryness and breakage.

As much as possible, only wash your hair every other day, or if you can, just once a week. Free your hair from all that washing so its natural oils can work their way down and nourish the entire length of your hair.

5. Take A Break From Hair Styling

6 Tips To Revive Your Dry Hair

Like you, your hair can get tired as well. So let your hair take a break from all that styling and exposure to tight buns, hair sprays, and heating tools, and allow it to breathe.

If you’re already seeing many instances of hair breakage and split ends, those are a huge sign that your hair needs to be left alone.

Have some days (or maybe weeks) wherein your hair’s completely down and not covered with any hair styling products while you wait for it to heal from its dryness.

6. Use Hair Sunscreen

Revive Your Dry Hair - Use Hair Sunscreen

Like skin sunscreens, hair sunscreens are surprisingly also a thing. The sun’s UV rays will damage not only your skin but also your hair.

To avoid further dryness, make sure to wear a hat and apply hair sunscreen before stepping outdoors. Worry not as hair sunscreens won’t make your hair look greasy.

Finishing Up

As you see, reviving your dry hair doesn’t require a lot of work. With a few alterations to your current routine and by incorporating the right hair products and staying consistent with those changes, you can ensure healthy and glowing hair in the future.

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