How To Get Enough Post Workout Sleep For Maximum Results

How To Get Enough Post Workout Sleep For Maximum Results

With any regimen of exercise or sport, giving yourself the ideal conditions for recovery are critical for post-workout success. And one of these conditions is a proper post workout sleep.

The science of working out decrees that you will sweat and lose electrolytes. But you can replenish them by filling up on water and a high protein meal after your workout session.

Setting yourself up for the right conditions for this recovery can be as important as the exercise itself. Giving your body time to repair and strengthen so that you’re ready to train again is a mandatory stage of any fitness process.

As we’ve written about before, sleep is one of the key components to make the most out of any fitness routine.

When you sleep, your body repairs the muscle damage it did at micro level during training. And not getting enough post workout sleep can throw obstacles in the way of the healthy protein synthesis needed to build new tissue.

Added to this, sleep deprivation disrupts your body’s ability to utilize insulin properly. And this will make you hungry and craving sugary, carb-loaded foods as a result.

Moreover, an insulin imbalance can eventually change your metabolic rate, making fat loss harder in the long run.

In short, to avoid negating the good work done in your fitness session, make sure you get 7-9 uninterrupted hours of sleep every night!

Now the question is, how can you make sure you’re getting the most out of that all-important golden slumber?

How To Get Enough Post Workout Sleep

Here are some effective tips to help get your post workout sleep:

1. Embrace The Dark Side

Post Workout Sleep

Sleeping in complete darkness helps your body to produce more of the sleep hormone melatonin, which will result in a deeper slumber.

For troubled sleepers or those who have difficulty getting to sleep after working out, melanin can be taken in supplement form.

However, you can also create the perfect conditions for sleep naturally by:

  • Wearing light clothes to bed;
  • Turning off your phones (and other electronic devices with bright lights);
  • And investing in a pair of heavy duty blackout curtains or blinds.

2. Set The Scene For Sleep

Post Workout Sleep - Turn Off Your Phone

As well as ensuring you get an adequate amount of sleep to enable muscle repair and healthy function, make sure you’re taking care of your tired bones, too.

To avoid waking up with stiff aches and cricks, give your body the best platform to recover on by ensuring you have a decent mattress to provide proper musculoskeletal support.

Eve Sleep, a relatively new-kid-on-the-block in the mattress manufacturing world has been fusing advanced memory foam technology with a modest price tag, supported by a freakishly long (but reassuring) warranty period to support the veracity of its claims. Several independent reviewers have given it write-ups online, so you can judge for yourself.

3. Chill Out

Post Workout Sleep - Turn The Fan On

Warmer temperatures in summer can prevent you from reaching deep sleep, as your body uses valuable energy trying to regulate its fluctuating temperature, preventing you from sinking into a deeper state of rest.

Keeping the bedroom climate as cool and constant at night as possible will ultimately leave you feeling more rested. It will also give your muscles the perfect conditions for post-workout recovery.

Open the windows at nighttime, or invest in a good bladeless fan, that will keep the room pleasantly chill without the noise of a low-landing aircraft.

Most of us who’ve made exercise into a lifestyle suffer from some form of tedious injuries, especially if our workouts include weight-lifting. It doesn’t have to be anything major to affect the quality of your sleep, it can be a minor issue like chronic back pain.

Choosing a mattress that will address the issues, and above all, offer proper spine-alignment is paramount. It’s not about how much your mattress costs; it’s about what’s best for your body.

The solution to issues like back pain can be an inexpensive air mattress. A good air bed allows you to adjust the firmness until you find your sweet spot.

The best air mattresses on the market are more than just vinyl and air; they are a viable sleep-solution that might just get rid of that annoying back pain.

Hopefully, you’ll get the best out of your workout and supplement it with a restful post workout sleep.

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