6 Ways To Prevent Those Irritating Post-Workout Acne Breakouts

6 Ways To Prevent Those Irritating Post-Workout Acne Breakouts

Have you ever been irritated by those uncomfortable pimples that appear right after a sweaty workout? Well, you can avoid your post-workout acne breakouts if you follow these simple tips!

You work out. You know exercise is great for your lungs, heart, muscles, overall physical health as well as your mental outlook. And working out makes you look better. Well, most of the time anyway.

But if you find yourself with post-workout acne, also called sweat pimples, you may not always feel like exercise makes you look better.

Sure, there are great over-the-counter solutions to solve your acne problem, but what if you didn’t have to deal with pimples in the first place?

Preventing A Post-Workout Acne

Here are six easy ways you can prevent those irritating post-workout acne breakouts:

1. Ditch The Makeup

When you exercise, sweat transfers dirt and bacteria already on your skin to various parts of your face and body. From there, it can become trapped in pores and cause breakouts.

Makeup is one of the worst offenders when it comes to clogged pores. Before you work out, remove makeup using a gentle cleanser.

Even if you don’t wear makeup, it’s a good idea to gently cleanse your skin before working out to remove air pollution, pollen and other particles.

Don’t worry about going makeup-free at the gym – your skin will thank you for it later.

2. Choose The Right Sunscreen

If your exercise routine includes outdoor activities, sunscreen is a must. But oily sunscreens are notoriously pore-clogging culprits. Instead, use a light, oil-free lotion with SPF.

3. Take Care Of The Hair

The way you wear your hair during a workout – as well as the products you use to care for it – can have an effect on your skin and cause breakouts.

Sweat causes shampoo, conditioner and other hair care product residue to pour from your hair down your back to possibly become clogged in skin cells. On heavy workout days, avoid using oily hair care products.

Hair that swings back and forth irritates skin, increasing breakout risks. Tie your hair up before working out and consider wearing a sweatband to keep sweat on your hair and head from transferring to other parts of your body.

4. Become Freaky Clean

If you work out at a gym, wipe the equipment down before you use it. You’re not being rude, you’re being smart. A simple touch to your face could transfer bacteria from whatever piece of equipment you’re using directly to your skin.

If you take yoga classes, invest in your own yoga mat. Shared mats cause a variety of problems, including warts, viruses, itchy feet and, you guessed it, flakey and broken out skin.

Avoid using your hands to wipe sweat away. Instead, use a clean towel. Blot sweat, don’t wipe. Never reuse a towel from the day before. Doing so exposes your skin to leftover bacteria and residue.

5. Dress Right

Loose fitting clothing is your best bet when exercising. Work out in lightweight, natural fabric clothes that don’t chafe or rub. Avoid man-made fabrics that tend to keep sweat trapped against your skin. Look for moisture-wicking types of fabrics.

Acne mechanica is the result of wearing clothing that causes friction on the body, such as an ill-fitting sweaty bra. If you’ve experienced this type of acne, consider a fitting service that ensures a proper fit and reduces friction.

6. Develop A Clean After Workout Routine

Clean your face as soon as you finish your workout. If possible, shower immediately as well. Use a loofah or other exfoliating aid to get rid of dead skin cells.

Generously moisturize skin after showering. If you can’t shower right away, blot dry sweat-prone areas such as your back, chest and stomach before changing into clean clothes. Shower as soon as you can.

So make use of these simple tips to prevent those irritating post-workout acne breakouts!

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