5 Essential Things To Do After Undergoing A Nose Job

Whether you underwent a nose job (rhinoplasty) for purely cosmetic purpose or to correct a nose issue, there is the need to manage your recovery responsibly. For several weeks, that will mean changing the way you do things.

Here are five examples of how your routine will need to change until your surgeon determines you are sufficiently healed to resume your usual routine.

What To Do After A Nose Job

Here are a few things you need to do or avoid after undergoing a nose job:

1. No Glasses For A Few Weeks

Avoiding pressure to the nose is essential after undergoing rhinoplasty for any reason.

Along with making sure pets don’t leap into your lap or that children don’t accidentally bump your nose, you want to avoid any type of pressure on the area. That includes the pressure exerted by your glasses.

If possible, wear contact lenses during your recovery. If that’s not an option, use tape to suspend the glassed from your forehead. The lack of pressure on your nose will be one more small but important way to prevent complications.

2. Elevate Your Head While Sleeping

Swelling is one of the issues that go along with any type of surgery. When you sleep with your head level to the rest of your body, there is more of an opportunity for swelling to increase rather than subside.

Use a pillow to elevate your head a little more than usual. Keep in mind a pillow that offers good support for the neck and cradles your head helps to reduce the chances of rolling over at night and placing more stress on the nose.

3. Take A Nap When You Want

It’s only natural that you would get sleeping during the day. When you have a chance, go ahead and take a nap.

As your nose surgeon will explain, sleep is good for your immune system and also helps your body create more resources for healing.

4. Lose The Salt Shaker

Salt is not your friend during the recovery period. Salt tends to promote fluid retention. While your nose is healing, the last thing you need is more fluid collecting in the tip of your nose.

Rest assured the surgeon will let you know when you can begin to salt your food again.

5. Take Your Medication As Directed

While pain management is part of the reason for the prescription medication the surgeon provided, it may also have properties that reduce the risk of infection.

Even if you feel little pain, take the medication as directed. Doing so could help you avoid a problem that extends your recovery by several days or weeks.

Remember that you are the one who is in charge of your recovery. Follow the instructions provided by the surgeon closely and be sure to call if you notice any pain, discoloration, or swelling that seems to be getting worse.

By taking the proper precautions after a nose job, the healing will proceed without complications and life will get back to normal a lot faster than you anticipated.

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  • Nose job has its downsides but most people that can afford it, leave happy ever after if the results are good. I am still not convince I can get through so much pain. I remain using my nosesecret nose enhancers for now.

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